Meet the Splatters!

Posted by on June 23, 2011 | 5 comments

Goodbye Confetti Carnival – Hello Splatters.

It’s done. After almost a year and a half walking around, showing off a game by the name of Confetti Carnival – we’ve finally decided to give our baby a new name – “The Splatters”.

Splatters Logo


“hey, why did you change the name? in a weird way I kinda like it” – one might say…

Confetti Carnival was chosen back in the day when we needed to write something under “Name of game:______” during a submission to a games contest. Since our game was nameless at the time, we started throwing names in the air until we hit Confetti Carnival. It was a combination of the Confetti that comes out of bombs as they blew up + the general ‘let’s put on a show’ spirit of the game – enter Carnival).

Is this the last header with Confetti Carnival in it?


Confetti Carnival has its pros (like being at the top of the list for the IGF contest :)) but it also has its flaws. And the more we showed the game to people, the more we realized that the name doesn’t tell anything about the game. This could sometimes be a good thing and add to the curiosity of the one hearing about it for the first time. But in our case, it didn’t charge some people’s curiosity in a good way.

SO. Even though we started liking the name a lot and got attached to it in a weird way – we always knew, in the back of our heads, that we’ll need to find a new name someday…

Someday is here: Confetti Carnival is now named Splatters (a good line for the search engines, don’t you think?).

Hope you like it…

Last message from a fan…

And to really say goodbye to our previous name, we would like to show you our first(!) and probably last(!) fan-art we received for Confetti Carnival. It was created by Roel Schenk from the Netherlands and we were absolutely excited to receive it!

Thank you Roel.


— Sagi

  • Nick

    My main issue regarding the name change is that while the new one probably matches more what the name does… It’s “common”.

    Search for “confetti carnival” on google, find references about the game instantly. Search for splatters… Find about anything, from paintball to other stuff.

    Don’t be ashamed by a unique name, even if people give weird looks. For a downloadable games, uniqueness is most important. Especially if you were already known for this name from the IGF.
    See “nidhogg” or “frozen synapse”. Both names tell me nothing about the game. And yet they are recognized.

    “Confetti carnival” makes me curious, it makes me interested.
    Splatters is just, well, “splat”. It sounds just common.

    • Nick

      “more than the other name”*

      • I definitely hear you Nick and I can tell you that we struggled with this for a long time. All your points are valid.

        It’s just that, in the long run (and we try to think ahead a bit :)) we think that this would do good for the game – even though it might seem a bit risky at this stage.

        As for search engines and not having a unique name, we’ll just have to make our utmost to make Splatters a strong brand so that people will know the name… search for it… and see it on the top of their search results page (hopefully ;). We also had some issue with Confetti Carnival where people tried to find the game (after seeing it in a show) but couldn’t remember the name. So there are cons on both sides :)

        We also plan to announce several (very) interesting news in the very near future. We really hope that these announcements will give Splatters the big PR push it needs :)

        Thanks a lot for your comment!

        — Sagi

  • mario

    where’s download button??!

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