And we’re off to PAX!

Posted by on August 24, 2011 | 2 comments

The splatters launch onto the Xbox Marketplace

“The Splatters” now have an official place in the Xbox marketplace and you can already go and check out the latest information, screen-shots and our announcement trailer through your xbox. It’s also available at the online marketplace.

Two locations to play The Splatters

That’s it. We packed everything and off to PAX Prime in Seattle. As i’m writing this post our latest build is being uploaded – come and check it out if you’re at the event, we think it’s awesome! It’s been a crazy ride getting this build ready to demo at PAX and we really can’t wait to see how people respond to it. Now we only have to get into a car, drive 30 minutes to the airport, stand in some lines and fly almost half way around the globe ;) The Splatters will be playable in two locations. One, the PAX10 booth #6301 along with the other great winners (where you’re most likely to find us hanging out). Second location is the XBOX 360 booth #432 where there will be another kiosk playing “The Splatters” all day long! I know, it’s crazy!

T-Shirt alert

On top of it all we’ll be bringing limited edition T-Shirts to give out at the show, we’re still not sure how exactly you’ll ‘earn’ those – but most likely you’ll need to show some skill with the Splatters. There’s also a ‘tradition’ of sort with PAX10 developers having an open panel to take questions and discuss what’s on our minds. The developers are split into two groups and we’ll be on Sat’ 27th 6:30pm at the “Unicorn Theatre”.

See you soon,

— Niv