PAX was a blast!

Posted by on September 4, 2011 | 1 comment

Whew … back from PAX and it was as exhausting as it was amazing.

If you were at PAX and stopped by to check out “The Splatters” – Thank you! People played pretty much non-stop from the entire time the show floor was open, three days straight.

We got so many positive responses from people, so we did the long trip home with lots of motivation and excited to be back to work and get it done! We also learned so much from watching people play with it that I can honestly say the game will be so much better just because we attended PAX.

Not only that but they all played it running off an XBOX360 which I’m especially happy about since it was such a big effort to get it running in time. This being the first time I’m developing for the XBOX is no easy feat – luckily I had Daniel join in time for the last push.

Some press coverage

PAX is a big event with so many things going on. This being our first game we’re so happy to get any coverage that helps spread the words and hopefully people that care about games like ours will find out it exists!

So a big thanks to all the media members that visited – here is some of the Press coverage “The Splatters” got as a result:

“It was the most instantly gratifying game I played at PAX” Jordan Devore, Destructoid

“It’s a tough game to describe, but there is one word that sums it all up – fun.” – Zach Martin, Piki Geek

There’s also a video from GiantBomb covering all the PAX 10 selections of this year.

And lastly, a really cool podcast from “A Jumps B Shoots”.

— Niv