Launch trailer and release info!

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Exciting news today!

We’re happy to announce The Splatters has passed certification and will be hitting the XBLA store on April 11th.

Also, new explosive launch trailer is ready (amazing editing work from Sagi once again). The music track is the work of the truly inspiring “Infected Mushroom” which, turns out, are even more awesome than expected and let us use their track for the trailer. It’s a classic track from their early album “Classical Mushroom”.

Enough text, here it is, crank the volume up or put on your headphones:

Link to HD version on Youtube

Some media coverage

Last month I was at GDC again showing the game around and attending the Indie Games Summit (which was really interesting). It’s always really motivating just hanging out with some fellow developers and friends talking games all day and just having fun in general. It does get pretty exhausting with standing all day and then┬áparties going on each night (in one of those I got to play Hokra – which is pure FUN).

Taking the opportunity while being in San-Francisco I met with some local press, here’s some of the stuff that came out of that. First two are videos and the other two are hands on impressions:

GameSpot LIVE interview/demo talking about “The Splatters”

A video with me playing plus my own commentary while visiting GamesRadar

A hands on piece written by Ryan McCaffrey for Official Xbox Magazine Online

Another hands piece by the awesome John Laster on XBLAFans

See you on April 11.

— Niv