The Splatters – Available now on XBOX Live Arcade !

Posted by on April 11, 2012 | 5 comments

One goal reached!

After 3 years of countless hours of developing, inventing, trying, tweaking, polishing and more words that end with ‘ing’ – we can finally sit back and watch The Splatters run away to have some fun with other XBOX owners. The feeling is like reaching a huge checkpoint in this amazing journey and we’re all looking forward to the amazing path ahead.

Some early reviews :)

We got some amazing reviews and we’re keeping our fingers crossed that this trend will continue. Here are a few:

“I can’t compliment it enough, The Splatters is a truly wonderful game. 9/10″ – destructoid

“The Splatters is a fun and addictive take on the physics puzzle genre, and one that brings something new and unique to the genre. 8/10” – IGN

“800 points is a small price to pay for the infinitely varied, and rewarding, experience of playing The Splatters. 4/5” – pikiGEEK

“It’s one of the most entertaining arcade titles this year. 9.3/10” – Gamer Euphoria

“One of the most pure fun and addictive games I’ve played lately. 9/10” – The Controller Online

“The Splatters earns a fine 9.0/10 – an amazing debut for SpikySnail” – Radical360Zone

“If what you seek is a challenging and brilliantly realised puzzler with a huge heap of fun thrown in, then look no further. 8/10” – This is XBOX

“Give it 60 minutes to let its hooks sink in and you’ll be rewarded with one of the best puzzle experiences available for Xbox Live. 8.5/10” – The Globe and Mail

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Have fun :)

— the SpikySnail team