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Super Splatters Bursts onto Steam in Late June

Posted by on May 23, 2013 | 2 comments

We have a date!

We’re VERY excited to announce that Super Splatters is coming to Steam at the end of June! Hit play for our short announcement below.

Link to HD version on Youtube

We’re also working really hard to wrap-up final stuff on our to-do list and we have already started making our super awesome launch trailer. In the meantime, if you haven’t already, you can pre-order Super Splatters now and receive a shiny brand-new 30% discount!
And that’s a great opportunity to thank those who already purchased. We REALLY appreciate it!!!

Pre-order is obviously over,

check out our home page for your purchasing options.

You might also want to hit Like on our Super Splatters Facebook page and get all our latest info right on your feed.

More stuff to come real soon!!!

– Sagi


Click here to download the latest press kit!


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The Splatters on Sale July 10-16 on XBLA

Posted by on June 27, 2012 | 6 comments

The Splatters Sale – 100% fun – 50% off!

While The Splatters were well received by its fans, the fan base is still too small – which means lots of people are missing out.

So to get more people on board “The Splatters” goes on sale for only 400 MS Points.

So, for those who didn’t get a chance to check it out with the flood of mega-hits landing on the Xbox marketplace, or accidentally (we know you didn’t really mean it) dismissed it as just “another physics based casual game” – now is your chance to get it and experience yourself the level of challenge, skill and depth it has wrapped in an “arcade-style” packaging.

If you are already fan (thank you!), now’s a great time to spread the word.

Look for us under Sales & Specials on the XBOX dash between July 10 – 16. For one week only and at half the price, it’s really a steal!

We’ve also updated our trailer!

We had so many great reviews that we decided to update our trailer and add quotes from some gaming sites who had a blast playing our game. We called this one “Reviews are here”. Check it out below.

Link to HD version on Youtube

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The Splatters – Available now on XBOX Live Arcade !

Posted by on April 11, 2012 | 5 comments

One goal reached!

After 3 years of countless hours of developing, inventing, trying, tweaking, polishing and more words that end with ‘ing’ – we can finally sit back and watch The Splatters run away to have some fun with other XBOX owners. The feeling is like reaching a huge checkpoint in this amazing journey and we’re all looking forward to the amazing path ahead.

Some early reviews :)

We got some amazing reviews and we’re keeping our fingers crossed that this trend will continue. Here are a few:

“I can’t compliment it enough, The Splatters is a truly wonderful game. 9/10″ – destructoid

“The Splatters is a fun and addictive take on the physics puzzle genre, and one that brings something new and unique to the genre. 8/10” – IGN

“800 points is a small price to pay for the infinitely varied, and rewarding, experience of playing The Splatters. 4/5” – pikiGEEK

“It’s one of the most entertaining arcade titles this year. 9.3/10” – Gamer Euphoria

“One of the most pure fun and addictive games I’ve played lately. 9/10” – The Controller Online

“The Splatters earns a fine 9.0/10 – an amazing debut for SpikySnail” – Radical360Zone

“If what you seek is a challenging and brilliantly realised puzzler with a huge heap of fun thrown in, then look no further. 8/10” – This is XBOX

“Give it 60 minutes to let its hooks sink in and you’ll be rewarded with one of the best puzzle experiences available for Xbox Live. 8.5/10” – The Globe and Mail

Want to join the party?

Go and download The Splatters on XBOX Marketplace.

Watch our Updated Launch Trailer (“Reviews” Version).

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Have fun :)

— the SpikySnail team


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The Splatters is in the PAX10

Posted by on July 3, 2011 | 11 comments

We will see you in Seattle!

We’re thrilled to announce that The Splatters was chosen as one of the PAX10 winners for the PAX Prime 2011 show.

So far we’ve been showing our game mostly at industry events but now this is the first time we get to show The Splatters directly to gamers which is VERY exciting for us!

Niv and I will be going to Seattle on August 26 to show off The Splatters and, looking at the dates, it looks like gamers visiting our kiosk will get to play the nearly-final version of the game – which is quite awesome.

So to celebrate our winning, check out our fresh teaser trailer for The Splatters. Enjoy!

Watch HD version on Youtube

— Sagi

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Meet the Splatters!

Posted by on June 23, 2011 | 5 comments

Goodbye Confetti Carnival – Hello Splatters.

It’s done. After almost a year and a half walking around, showing off a game by the name of Confetti Carnival – we’ve finally decided to give our baby a new name – “The Splatters”.

Splatters Logo


“hey, why did you change the name? in a weird way I kinda like it” – one might say…

Confetti Carnival was chosen back in the day when we needed to write something under “Name of game:______” during a submission to a games contest. Since our game was nameless at the time, we started throwing names in the air until we hit Confetti Carnival. It was a combination of the Confetti that comes out of bombs as they blew up + the general ‘let’s put on a show’ spirit of the game – enter Carnival).

Is this the last header with Confetti Carnival in it?


Confetti Carnival has its pros (like being at the top of the list for the IGF contest :)) but it also has its flaws. And the more we showed the game to people, the more we realized that the name doesn’t tell anything about the game. This could sometimes be a good thing and add to the curiosity of the one hearing about it for the first time. But in our case, it didn’t charge some people’s curiosity in a good way.

SO. Even though we started liking the name a lot and got attached to it in a weird way – we always knew, in the back of our heads, that we’ll need to find a new name someday…

Someday is here: Confetti Carnival is now named Splatters (a good line for the search engines, don’t you think?).

Hope you like it…

Last message from a fan…

And to really say goodbye to our previous name, we would like to show you our first(!) and probably last(!) fan-art we received for Confetti Carnival. It was created by Roel Schenk from the Netherlands and we were absolutely excited to receive it!

Thank you Roel.


— Sagi

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