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Launch trailer and release info!

Posted by on March 28, 2012 | 0 comments

Exciting news today!

We’re happy to announce The Splatters has passed certification and will be hitting the XBLA store on April 11th.

Also, new explosive launch trailer is ready (amazing editing work from Sagi once again). The music track is the work of the truly inspiring “Infected Mushroom” which, turns out, are even more awesome than expected and let us use their track for the trailer. It’s a classic track from their early album “Classical Mushroom”.

Enough text, here it is, crank the volume up or put on your headphones:

Link to HD version on Youtube

Some media coverage

Last month I was at GDC again showing the game around and attending the Indie Games Summit (which was really interesting). It’s always really motivating just hanging out with some fellow developers and friends talking games all day and just having fun in general. It does get pretty exhausting with standing all day and then parties going on each night (in one of those I got to play Hokra – which is pure FUN).

Taking the opportunity while being in San-Francisco I met with some local press, here’s some of the stuff that came out of that. First two are videos and the other two are hands on impressions:

GameSpot LIVE interview/demo talking about “The Splatters”

A video with me playing plus my own commentary while visiting GamesRadar

A hands on piece written by Ryan McCaffrey for Official Xbox Magazine Online

Another hands piece by the awesome John Laster on XBLAFans

See you on April 11.

— Niv



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Flipping Out

Posted by on February 5, 2012 | 4 comments

First, apologies for the long radio silence, that’s just us working so hard to get The Splatters ready for release with not enough time to write a decent post! We are getting dangerously close to being done and the thought of wrapping up development and pushing on to launch is pretty scary.

Onto the subject at hand, which is one of main mechanics in The Splatters and the one I’m most excited about. We named it ‘The Flip’ – you’ll soon understand why.

Sandbox physics-driven play

The physics based game-play in The Splatters has a sand-box feel to its mechanics. Even more so the ‘Flip’ mechanic which is free to use, once you unlock it, whenever you want and without limit. This turned out to be so versatile and deep as a game mechanic that it opened up so many things to explore. It’s a bit hard to explain what Flip does and the best way to wrap your head around it is actually trying it out in the game. I’ll try, but no matter how I put it, it’ll either sound technical or just not as impressive as it turned out, but it’s one the game’s best features. Trust me on that ;)

So before we continue, here are few examples of Flip during real gameplay. Watch for the “LT” button symbol whenever the player is flipping.

Watch HD version on Youtube

Flip vs. Rewinding time

Our ‘Flip’ move looks like it’s rewinding time, but in reality it’s doing no such thing. When you ‘rewind time’ (like in Braid) everything goes back exactly to where it was, but with our Flip – it probably won’t.

In a very sterile environment where there is a single bomb flying in the air in one direction, hitting Flip will make it go back to the opposite direction, which might seem exactly like rewinding time – at least for a short while. But the main difference here is that as soon as you hit Flip and the motion changes direction, normal physics of the game kick back in and everything continues normally from there.

So for example, if liquid is falling down from the ceiling, it won’t start flying up just because you hit Flip. What it’ll do is go up just for a split second and resume its free fall right after that. You can hit Flip again and again to keep doing a little ‘Liquid Dance’ in mid-air – but the liquid will hit the ground sooner or later.

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PAX was a blast!

Posted by on September 4, 2011 | 1 comment

Whew … back from PAX and it was as exhausting as it was amazing.

If you were at PAX and stopped by to check out “The Splatters” – Thank you! People played pretty much non-stop from the entire time the show floor was open, three days straight.

We got so many positive responses from people, so we did the long trip home with lots of motivation and excited to be back to work and get it done! We also learned so much from watching people play with it that I can honestly say the game will be so much better just because we attended PAX.

Not only that but they all played it running off an XBOX360 which I’m especially happy about since it was such a big effort to get it running in time. This being the first time I’m developing for the XBOX is no easy feat – luckily I had Daniel join in time for the last push.

Some press coverage

PAX is a big event with so many things going on. This being our first game we’re so happy to get any coverage that helps spread the words and hopefully people that care about games like ours will find out it exists!

So a big thanks to all the media members that visited – here is some of the Press coverage “The Splatters” got as a result:

“It was the most instantly gratifying game I played at PAX” Jordan Devore, Destructoid

“It’s a tough game to describe, but there is one word that sums it all up – fun.” – Zach Martin, Piki Geek

There’s also a video from GiantBomb covering all the PAX 10 selections of this year.

And lastly, a really cool podcast from “A Jumps B Shoots”.

— Niv



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And we’re off to PAX!

Posted by on August 24, 2011 | 2 comments

The splatters launch onto the Xbox Marketplace

“The Splatters” now have an official place in the Xbox marketplace and you can already go and check out the latest information, screen-shots and our announcement trailer through your xbox. It’s also available at the online marketplace.

Two locations to play The Splatters

That’s it. We packed everything and off to PAX Prime in Seattle. As i’m writing this post our latest build is being uploaded – come and check it out if you’re at the event, we think it’s awesome! It’s been a crazy ride getting this build ready to demo at PAX and we really can’t wait to see how people respond to it. Now we only have to get into a car, drive 30 minutes to the airport, stand in some lines and fly almost half way around the globe ;) The Splatters will be playable in two locations. One, the PAX10 booth #6301 along with the other great winners (where you’re most likely to find us hanging out). Second location is the XBOX 360 booth #432 where there will be another kiosk playing “The Splatters” all day long! I know, it’s crazy!

T-Shirt alert

On top of it all we’ll be bringing limited edition T-Shirts to give out at the show, we’re still not sure how exactly you’ll ‘earn’ those – but most likely you’ll need to show some skill with the Splatters. There’s also a ‘tradition’ of sort with PAX10 developers having an open panel to take questions and discuss what’s on our minds. The developers are split into two groups and we’ll be on Sat’ 27th 6:30pm at the “Unicorn Theatre”.

See you soon,

— Niv

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The Splatters onto Xbox Live Arcade!

Posted by on August 12, 2011 | 7 comments

New publisher / New Platform

Hi Everyone,

If you haven’t noticed by now, we recently announced to the gaming press and the entire world that The Splatters will be coming to XBLA in 2012. Not only that, we’re excited to share that it will be published by Microsoft Studios – which is, in our minds, the best partner for that platform.

New team member

It’s also a great time to announce that SpikySnail has a new team member joining – Daniel Ridner. Both Sagi and myself have worked with Daniel before and aside from being a great guy, he is one of the few remaining original code ninjas (we always like to have those around). Super happy to have him on board!

New Box art

Sorry for the absence of blog posts recently, we’re just swamped with work doing the Xbox integration and preparing for PAX at the same time. But keep sending in questions and inquiries – we’ll respond to ALL of them. Let us know what you think of the box art – I think Sagi nailed it (and on the first pass too!).

Life’s short – die with STYLE!

— Niv

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