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Short update

Posted by on May 25, 2011 | 0 comments

It’s been a while since we put up a decent post, but it’s all for good reason – We’ve been really hard at work making great progress!

Besides some really nice touch-ups and visuals that add more focus to each stunt you perform, we also implemented a really cool technique to use in the game’s introduction mechanics (our kind of tutorial). So far I’m really liking the results and while not perfect I think we found a really cool way to teach players new moves without it feeling too ‘tutorial-ish’. When we’re done I’ll probably write something about it.

Also, we are making great progress on getting the project published so expect some announcements in the near future :)

Can’t have a post without a pretty picture, right?  so here you go,  from our “Swan” level.


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Designing for Action vs. Puzzle

Posted by on April 3, 2011 | 0 comments

A ‘behind the scenes’ look at Confetti Carnival’s development process

In this post I’ll take a closer look at the actual gameplay mechanics (with some new footage) of Confetti Carnival and share my thoughts on an issue that we’re dealing with for a long time.

I’ll start by teasing with a little video showing 5 different ways of getting bombs in Confetti Carnival. We’ll get back to that video later on so you might wanna watch it again after your done reading.

Watch HD version on Youtube

A little background on the game

Before I go into things, I need a few words to explain the core concepts of the game to those who haven’t played it yet (which is almost everyone, since the game is still in development).

In Confetti Carnival, each round (of each level) introduces a group of blobs called Splatters and a set of Confetti Bombs. Your goal is destroy all the Confetti bombs on stage using the Splatters your given to play with. The way you destroy the bombs involve flinging your Splatters onto walls and watching them break up and spill their liquid. When bombs are washed by liquid they ignite and explode into confetti.

You play each Splatter at a time. You just point in the right direction and hit the ‘Slam’ button – the rest of the action is performed by physics simulation and learning to anticipate it is part of the skill the player needs to hone.
As the simulation unfolds the player can intervene at any time by hitting the ‘Flip’ button. What it does is reverse the motion of the entire scene (Splatters, bombs, liquid … everything!). This, turns out, is a very powerful and yet simple way of manipulating the simulation and players will consistently find new scenarios where it comes in handy. On top of that there is a cool (in my opinion) stunt and combo system that rewards shots that are more challenging, stylish or otherwise impressive.

Designing for different play-styles

Our design was aimed to enable players to ‘choose’ how intensely they want to play it. They can take their time carefully considering each shot or just go ballistic on it and try to clear the entire round (or even an entire level) with a very long combo of moves. This was mostly achieved by two main design decisions:

  1. There is no time limit on rounds/levels at all.
  2. If you wait for too long between stunts (~3 seconds) the current stunt combo will end (and score multiplier resets).

Pretty standard stuff, but what we are seeing so far, is that most players start by playing it slowly, which is expected since the game has quite original game mechanics. What we’re trying to do now, is slowly push players towards playing faster and doing longer stunt combos. When you try and achieve long combo strings, you need to play faster and adopt a more ‘reactive’ play-style where you roughly aim your shot and then use the ‘Flip’ and ‘2nd shot’ mechanics to correct your move as needed. But that’s not the whole story – the rational behind our combo system is to deliberately make shots to generate more stunts even if the ‘easiest’ way to clear the round is more direct.

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PC Gamer preview

Posted by on February 1, 2011 | 3 comments

“This indie puzzle game could be the sleeper hit of the year”

Confetti Carnival

PC Gamer just put their Preview of Confetti Carnival online.

We’re so happy with how that turned out as it seems they really enjoyed the game and picked up on so many things that we’re excited about in Confetti Carnival – but weren’t so sure players will get if they only played it for a little while …

Big thanks to the PC Gamer staff for their support.

We LOOOVE you PC Gamer ;)

— Niv

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Posted by on January 3, 2011 | 2 comments

Confetti Carnival was just named as finalist for technical excellence in the 2011 IGF competition

Confetti Carnival

That means we’ll be given the opportunity to showcase Confetti Carnival at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) 2011 in San-Francisco. If you’re lucky enough to attend please come by and try it out!

For those of you that still don’t know what is Confetti Carnival, watch the videos in our previous posts below.

Niv & Sagi

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Posted by on November 4, 2010 | 0 comments

Great vibes in Nottingham

Sagi and I just recently got back from GameCity 5 in Nottingham, and what a great experience it was!

We’ve had tons of people come up and play the game and received some really positive feedback. One of our goals for this event was to see how people cope with the game since we recently changed the way challenges build up and levels unlock – so, a big thanks to all of you that came to check us out!

Enjoying Confetti Carnival for the very first time

We were showing our game in a big tent right in the center of Market Square. It was a big space divided into smaller ‘lounges’. Each lounge had its walls artfully painted and then sofas, couches and bean-bags brought in for comfort.

There was a big projected screen where any number of people could play projector games against each other, all day long.

Overall it created a really unique and inviting atmosphere for people just walking about the city to step inside and see what’s going on.

The GameCity staff themselves are just an awesome bunch of people and they all made us feel so comfortable and welcome. We can’t thank them enough!

A little press …

Also, the trailer we released a month ago got picked up by some, so here’s another chance to say thanks to Tim from the IndieGames weblog and Quintin from Rock-Paper-Shotgun.  We met Brendan from Resolution magazine at GameCity after he spotted our trailer release. He took the chance to get his hands on “Confetti Carnival” and then wrote a few words about his experience with it. Here are the links to the blog entries:

That’s it for now :)


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