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What is Confetti Carnival?

Posted by on November 24, 2010 | 2 comments

More Confetti Carnival Footage Revealed

Not so long ago we made a one-minute pitch video where Niv talks about Confetti Carnival’s concept, gameplay, and basically, points out all the great stuff the game has to offer. It’s not so easy to pack everything we want to say into a one-minute footage, but we’re pretty happy with the outcome.

You might also want to check out our Teaser Trailer (in case you missed it), as each video tells a slightly different story about the game.

– Sagi

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Posted by on November 4, 2010 | 0 comments

Great vibes in Nottingham

Sagi and I just recently got back from GameCity 5 in Nottingham, and what a great experience it was!

We’ve had tons of people come up and play the game and received some really positive feedback. One of our goals for this event was to see how people cope with the game since we recently changed the way challenges build up and levels unlock – so, a big thanks to all of you that came to check us out!

Enjoying Confetti Carnival for the very first time

We were showing our game in a big tent right in the center of Market Square. It was a big space divided into smaller ‘lounges’. Each lounge had its walls artfully painted and then sofas, couches and bean-bags brought in for comfort.

There was a big projected screen where any number of people could play projector games against each other, all day long.

Overall it created a really unique and inviting atmosphere for people just walking about the city to step inside and see what’s going on.

The GameCity staff themselves are just an awesome bunch of people and they all made us feel so comfortable and welcome. We can’t thank them enough!

A little press …

Also, the trailer we released a month ago got picked up by some, so here’s another chance to say thanks to Tim from the IndieGames weblog and Quintin from Rock-Paper-Shotgun.  We met Brendan from Resolution magazine at GameCity after he spotted our trailer release. He took the chance to get his hands on “Confetti Carnival” and then wrote a few words about his experience with it. Here are the links to the blog entries:

That’s it for now :)


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SpikySnail is going to GameCity 5!

Posted by on October 8, 2010 | 1 comment

And we’re extremely excited about it.

In two and a half weeks from now, Niv and I will fly over to Nottingham, UK, to present Confetti Carnival at GameCity 5 festival – I’m thrilled about it for so many reasons.

First, GameCity sounds like pure fun! Just talking to the people organizing this event made us feel so welcome. Checking out the schedule, lectures and guests only made us feel more privileged to take part of this event.

Confetti Carnival Screenshot

Beginning of a level - Everything's still quiet and peaceful

Second, it will be the first time we ever show Confetti Carnival in public, which is exciting and a bit scary at the same time.

Getting people’s reaction is, obviously, very important to us. We’re currently working hard on building the beginning of your adventure, where you learn how to do all the good stuff.

We want people to be able to play the game like we do in terms of controlling your Gummies and performing the stunts – not an easy task considering we have already played it so much.

We are also working hard on a new Versus mode for the game and hope it’ll be ready for the GameCity festival. If we finish it in time for the show, we plan to have Confetti Carnival Contests and promise free beers to the winners (we’re just two Indie guys at the moment – so we focus on small, tasty prizes).

We really hope to see you there and can’t wait for you to try out Confetti Carnival for the very first time.


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