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Confetti Carnival teaser trailer is out

Posted by on September 21, 2010 | 0 comments

New game footage revealed!

We’re very excited to present SpikySnail’s new teaser trailer for our debut title Confetti Carnival.

This is, by far, the most we have ever revealed about our game since we had started working on it about a year and a half ago and I really hope this trailer will increase your appetite to know more.

The teaser was made entirely out of in-game footage (and kudos to Niv again on his awesome work on the real-time physics and fluid simulation).

So turn up the volume, go ‘Full screen’ and enjoy!

Stay Tuned

I still can’t give out all the details but it seems Confetti Carnival is going to have its first ‘outing’ next month. We’re extremely excited, so …

Stay tuned for a special announcement and details where you can come and get your hands on Confetti Carnival!


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Rendering without meshes

Posted by on June 16, 2010 | 3 comments

Well, I’m actually showing off some work that was done a while back – but it’s still nice.

What you see here is an early version of one of our game creatures (aka Gummy) jumping around on a small part of a test level. The interesting thing here, is that no meshes (you know vertices, polygons and all that stuff) are used for rendering – it’s all done with sprites and some shading tricks.

Why I like particles?

To explain how it’s done I need to provide some additional background first. Our game-play is 2D in nature and is fully physics based. I have done plenty of physically based simulations for non-game applications, so when we decided to start developing Confetti Carnival it was a natural to ‘tap’ into that experience and to create our creatures from a set of particles (all particles have masses associated, embedded force elements and so on).  I won’t go into the simulation part right now, although there are interesting stuff there too.

The common practice in these cases is to create a mesh that can be ‘skinned’ over the elastic creatures. However, in this case, our creatures are made of a liquid/gel like substance, so I decided to explore ways to render them using liquid-like techniques.

Creating a surface using particles

Instead of generating a mesh, I render sprite particles with color and depth information onto a render target. The particles are created to cover the entire creature and depth is accumulated into the render-target. Each sprite uses a simple soft sphere-like 2D texture and the accumulated spheres gives the final shape. In the final pass, the render target is sampled to provide depth, color and normal at each pixel, which gives enough information to visualize it.

There are several great benefits from using this technique, especially in the context of what we are trying to achieve. But the most important and immediate benefit is that even when the creature is severely deformed, the resulting shape remains totally smooth.

What you don’t see in the video (but is already implemented and working), is the ability to use textures to give the Gummy a not-so-smooth look and also to add local creature details such as eyes, face and any other features the Gummy might have…

Hope you enjoyed this,


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When you’re looking for the perfect logo

Posted by on April 27, 2010 | 1 comment

How did we come up with the SpikySnail Logo?

Well, actually, we didn’t – We used one of the best Logo design services available online.

It’s really Worth it

Long time ago, I came across a great website named Worth1000. Back then, I used to visit it from time to time to check out their awesome contests. They had a nice concept that graphic artists from around the world could participate in a themed creative competitions (announced frequently by the website owners). The results were simply fantastic!

SpikySnail Logo

SpikySnail Logo

Tons of creative minds from around the world, all in one arena, showing off their talent.

After a while, they had started adding more concepts and auctions to their website. One of the new concepts was Corporate Logo Contests. The concept here was that anyone who wants a brand new logo for his company or product, can pay a relatively small price and have 40-50 creative designers compete on the option to pitch their own unique logo idea. All you have to do is choose.

An easy process – not too expensive

The process is very simple. you get a list of questions: What’s your company main business? What will the logo be used for? What should your logo represent? How many colors should this logo be? and so on.

Another question you should answer is ‘how much do I put as a winning prize?’ – you decide how much the winner will get. The recommended winning prize by the site’s owners is about $200. This price should bring about 40 designers to your bid. But of course, if you go higher, more contestants will participate.

To that you should add $200 to list and you got yourself a design competition, where 40-50 art designers are offering great logos to your company for a very reasonable price. A really great deal in my opinion.

And the winner is…

Another great thing about the competition is that when it’s done, anyone who logs in, can vote on his favorite logo. This gives you yet another opinion to what people like.

We didn’t choose the concept voted as winner by the site’s voters. We chose another artist who, we think, captured best what we were looking for. Not too serious, not too childish, simple and different.

What also ‘sealed the deal’ was the SpikySnail T-shirt he had submitted along with the logo. The logo contest was held right before GDC 2010, so we started picturing ourselves walking in San-Fransisco in a SpikySnail T-shirt.

Well, at the end, we didn’t wear anything special to the conference – but we did vote for this logo as our favorite.

I invite you to check out the other SpikySnail contest entries from the Worth1000 contest. You’ll find some great designs there. Really professional and inspiring.

And if you ever need a logo – I really recommend you check out Worth1000’s logo design service as your first option.

– Sagi

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