Love of Sports

Passion is a great motivator. If you love anything, it’s really easy to learn everything there is to know about it. This is especially true of sports, which has such an incredibly diverse history and industry – if you decide to deep dive into one particular area, there’s basically no limit to the amount of knowledge you can absorb. If you already spend your time doing that; you might have wondered before if there’s a way you could profit or otherwise benefit from your passion.

The good news is, there are quite a few. Some obvious, some a bit more nuanced. Obviously none of these are sure things or instant cash grabs, but if you love sports and absorb statistics, news and trends as part of your day to day life, you’ll probably be in a much better position to take advantage of it than most. I’ll run through a few options below, with brief summaries and helpful links to get you started profiting from your passion.


This one is a bit of a slow burn, and it will require time and consistency to pay off. Blogging can be deeply rewarding even before monetization, as a way to condense your passion and experience into a way that could entertain or inform others. If you want to profit, it’s never been easier to set up a professional looking website through WordPress or an equivalent, and adding Google AdSense is more straightforward than you might think. This will provide you with advertising revenue for two separate things – views and clicks.

Clicks are obviously more valuable, and AdSense usually does a decent job showing people ads they want to engage with. What’s important is making sure your blog looks the part, and your content is good enough to keep the reader on the page. 


For as long as there have been games, people have been gambling on the outcome. Obviously, we can’t stress enough that there is no sure thing, and all the sports love/knowledge in the world wouldn’t justify any exorbitant stakes. It can however, be a nice little earner if you play it safely by using legal, reputable sports books and using your knowledge as context to inform your decisions. Luckily, there is a wealth of websites and apps to make all of that easier than ever, too.

The OddsTrader app for Iphone is a great place to start – it’s full of features to make betting easy. It provides in-depth betting and team stats, injury reports, live stats, and it’s totally free. It covers basically every American sport there is going, and even includes free tutorial videos to help you get to grips with the more complex parts of betting, like handicapping. More importantly, it includes a bet tracker to help you stay on top of your expenditure and performance.

With a head for numbers and the willingness to take a few risks, you could potentially profit from your love of sports through betting, but there’s obviously the chance to walk away with nothing, too – so consider it alongside something else that might bring in regular income, like blogging or contributing to sports sites! 

Fantasy leagues

Fantasy leagues are run for fun and profit, with some leagues incentivizing players with prize pots. This is an area that has been revolutionized by the smartphone, as it’s now ridiculously easy to set drafts and lineups all in one place. Yahoo Sports offers an app, which makes league management a breeze, and if you pair that with a good news app like Bleacher Report which can focus on your specific sport, team, and players, you’ll have lots of tools in your corner.

While you can profit from playing fantasy, it is first, and foremost a game, and will also require a lot of time and commitment for potentially little pay off. However, it’s a great way to add an extra layer of enjoyment to your favorite game, especially in the current global crisis. It’s not as consistent as blogging income might be, not as risky or rewarding as straightforward betting, but it can also be done alongside both of those activities. You can blog about your league picks whilst placing smart bets on real games – it can all work together easily.