Self-Employed Loan Applications

People’s mind-sets, traditions, norms and attitudes are shifting and with them are changing. For example, taking a loan today is no longer a taboo topic. Young Peoples have made loans to different ends – including overseas research, holiday financing, refurbishment, a car purchase and even their wedding. Many organisations have begun to give funds to fuel the aspirations of the ambitious population.

To fulfil this rising demand. Customized self employed loans with low interest rates, on-line credit cards, easy application and 24X7 tracking have become common due to its many benefits. In 2021, multiple instant loan applications today provide quick, paperless and hassle-free access to funds to achieve a dream or financial emergency.

We listed below some of the best loan applications which took the market by storm.  


(Founded in: 2000 and app was launched in 2017)

With Indiabulls Dhani, loans from 1,000 to 15 Lakhs can be made available at competitive interest rates starting at just 13.99 % p.a.Tenure ranging from 3-24 months. With a fully online operation, you will automatically receive your loan sum directly into your bank account! No guarantee or collateral is required against the personal loan you take advantage of.

As per your option, you can use the loan. Fund your foreign vacation, put the finishing touches in order to make your marriage more special, ease your travel plan with 2/4 wheels or a medical emergency, our personal loan will support you no matter when you need it.

Indiabulls Consumer Finance, a subsidiary of Indiabulls Ventures, is a leading private finance firm with Indiabulls Dhani, a leader in digital end to end personal loan fulfilment.


(Founded in: 2015)

KreditBee is a Young Professionals Personal Loan App among few best loan apps & Credit Network in India, where you can apply for Personal Loan Online and up to 2 Lakh as a Direct Cash Transfer to the Bank Account. This app is a forum for facilitating credit transactions between NBFCs/Banks and borrowers. All loan applications are processed and approved by RBI-registered NBFCs/Banks and communicated in advance during the loan application.

For a sum of loan of 1,000 to 200,000, tenure is from 62 days to 15 months. When onboarding or during upgrade, KreditBee charges a one-time service fee that is Rs 30- Rs 350 depending on the customer’s risk profile and membership band. Interest rates range from 0 % to 29.95 %, with a monthly interest rate equal to 0 % to 2.49 %. A small transaction fee is paid for loans, e.g. 0 %-3 % of the principal for low-risk customers, 2.5 %-6.5 % for very high-risk customers *. Based on the creditworthiness and repayment capability of the clients, the charges and repayment tenures differ.

Only when anyone delays their scheduled payment is a penalty paid. As per the risk profile of the clients, the APR for various items is separate. For various personal loan items, the APR is 0 %-36 % for low-risk clients, 18 %-39 % for medium-risk clients, 24 %-42 % for high-risk clients, and 24 %-70 % for very high-risk clients.

In addition, according to rules, GST would only be applicable to the fee components.

  1. CASHe APP

(Founded in 2016)

A CASHe is an ideal way to protect money in a financial crisis or emergency. You just need     to download your phone with the CASHe app (Google’s Android Play Store and the iPhone’s Apple Shop), upload the documents to your application; once the loan has been agreed, the loan amount will be paid to an account within minutes.

A portion of your loan can also be transferred to your payment wallet directly. Please note that CASHe approves lending using a proprietary algorithm based machine education platform on the borrower’s social profile, merit and income. They offer a wide range of loans with a repayment period of up to 1 year, ranging from Rs 9,000 to Rs 3,00,000. Comply with our hassle-free digital loans that help you live your life to the full with all your financial requirements.