Long Necklaces

You can’t wear long necklaces with any old outfit. Check out this guide for 5 unspoken necklace rules you should know about before you accessorize.

Necklaces come in many lengths, and long necklaces have a longer history than many fashionistas recognize.

One of the most iconic looks for long necklaces comes from the 1920s flapper era when the sautoir was popular. This long necklace was unique because it wrapped around the neck. However, this is not the only style of long necklace out there.

No matter the style, to better understand how to wear your long necklace with grace, check out the five tips below.

  1. High Cut Shirts

High cut shirts are ideal for long necklaces. These shirts come in a variety of necklines, and even turtlenecks can pair well with a long necklace.

High cut shirts provide a backdrop to highlight the long necklace. The intricacies of the chain or the beauty of the pendant are clearly visible against the fabric.

  1. Don’t Match Pieces

Matchy-matchy fashion hasn’t been the norm for decades now. Instead, complementary pieces make an outfit far more interesting.

There needs to be some contrasting elements in an outfit to maintain balance and provide intrigue. Of course, matching outfits are easier to compose as there are fewer styling skills involved. Maybe this is part of the disadvantage—there’s no wonder about how it all works together.

  1. The Right Neckline

A crew neck is a type of high cut shirt with a rounded neckline that often looks better with shorter, rounded necklaces. V-necks, however, better suit long necklaces as the weight of the length also gives the necklaces a V shape.

With higher necklines, the eye is drawn high up to the neck. A long necklace helps balance this, drawing the eye lower.

  1. Avoid Busy Looks

If your outfit has loud patterns going on, it’s best to avoid any kind of statement jewelry. It will add even more noise to the volume of the outfit, distracting the eye and not drawing it to any particular area. In short, it can make the outfit look tacky.

If you bravely choose to add more accessories, make sure to choose the necklace first. Then, decide what jewelry will complement it.

  1. Lots of Layers

Layers of necklaces add dimension to a look, but balance is crucial. When layering long necklaces, try to layer at least three at a time even if one of those layers is just the long necklace looped over itself.

There are a few different necklace lengths that work here. The necklace lengths should be varied with clearly defined differences. However, the metals should be the same or similar, otherwise they will clash.

Shopping for Long Necklaces

Long necklaces are often used as a statement piece to dress up an otherwise plain outfit. It can be tricky to pair them with other jewelry because you never want your necklace to compete with the rest of your outfit.

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