Style Custom Suits

Having a custom-made suit to wear when the occasion demands one is always handy in tight situations. You might not always have the time to pick out a new suit every time an event comes up.

However, getting a custom suit means you can always wear it knowing you’ll look your best. You can even combine this garment with the right accessories makes it a clear formal wear winner.

Once you button up in one such classic apparel, you feel dressed and automatically develop confidence.

When investing in custom suits online, it helps to keep in mind the following vital aspects:

  • Make a purchase that goes beyond your immediate need so that the suit serves you well on other occasions in the future too.
  • A suit tailored to your measurements does not hang uncomfortably on you but smartens your turnout.
  • Timeless suits in some flexible cuts and patterns ensure you never look outdated.
  • Versatile pieces, fabrics, and colors serve you well in all situations.
  • Finish your look by pairing your suit with shirts, belts, ties, shoes, and cufflinks, as the occasion demands.
  • Always match your style.

Before attending a special event, getting clarity on the expected dress code ensures your attire strikes the right balance.

Dressing too casually for a formal occasion and vice-versa will only make you feel awkward. If the invitation specifies a dress code, you are sorted. Otherwise, there is no harm in contacting the host directly for clarity.

The basics of wearing a suit are highlighted here for your easy reference:

  • Coordinate your belt with the color of your shoes and opt for a slim one
  • Choose a tie darker than the shade of your shirt.
  • Wear your tie neither too long nor too short, ideally till the waistband of your trouser.
  • Before sitting down, unbutton your suit jacket.
  • The length of your suit jacket must cover your rear and your trouser zipper.
  • Expose your sleeve cuffs to about half an inch.
  • Your socks must be adequately long so as not to expose your legs while seated.
  • Ensure your trouser hem reaches the top of your shoes.
  • When wearing a suit minus a tie, stick to a smaller-sized shirt collar.

An all-season suit in a solid dark color must have a versatile garment that you can pair with shirts and ties in varied shades. For daywear, opt for a suit in lighter tones as black or navy blue will not work. Here are five recommended ways to style your custom suits online and prep you for any occasion:

Sharp Look

Business suits in solid dark colors when teamed with a matching inner waistcoat, look classy. Wearing a tie in a complementary shade adds a welcome splash of color, and so does a neatly placed pocket square. Donning formal dark shoes will complete your sharp look.

Cocktail Attire

For dressy but not necessarily formal events, pair a crisp white shirt with a solid colored suit. You want to appear smart without grabbing all the attention in a flashy turnout.

Coordinate your accessories depending on whether you end up wearing a custom suit in a light or dark shade.

Business Casual

Even if you choose to dress down, remember to portray a look which reflects you mean business. Here a tie is unwarranted, and lighter suit shades that are pleasing to the eye are preferable. The aim is to fit in without going over the top with your online purchase.

Pinstripe Style 

Pinstripe suits in neutral shades like brown, blue, black, and brown, flatter all shapes and complexions.

Preferably choose subtle stripes and avoid those in bold contrasting hues as the latter only ruins your overall look. Where shirts in pastel shades combine well, like in navy blue suits, opt for this pleasant look.

Business Formal

Through this style, you need to achieve a more conservative rather than a flamboyant look. Wearing a suit with subtle checks and in a subdued shade makes all the right impressions. Finish dressing up with formal shoes and a tie, which is not too flashy.

A custom suit tailored to achieve a slim fit tends to feel slightly tighter around the shoulders and appears a little shorter in length. On the other hand, a classic fit suit has straighter trousers and jackets with comparatively looser shoulders.

Suits made from medium weight fabric are all-season wear while for winter, opting for a heavier fabric like tweed is ideal. When you turn to a custom clothing expert, you end up with a garment that also gels with your personality besides complimenting your body.

Trust only qualified artisans who have the experience of dressing up men in suits for all occasions. After all, producing a professionally tailored suit that delivers on all fronts requires immense skill.