Right Suit for Your Body

Not everybody is blessed with a model’s body and can look good wearing any clothing. Men’s suits are a necessary investment since every man should at least own one suit to be used for formal occasions. However, not all suits can look good for every body shape and type. It is, therefore, important to know what type of suit will make you appear better. Here are some of the ways to choose a suit for each body type.

Short Men.  If you are short, your main goal is to select a suit that will make you appear taller. The trick is to create one long line from your head to your toes. One way of doing this is to choose suits with thin and closely-spaced pinstripes. The pinstripes will make eyes see a continuous line from your shoulders to your toes, making you appear taller. Likewise, try to avoid wearing a belt. Wear suit pants that will not fall without a belt. A belt will draw attention to the size of your torso and your legs. You will not want that. Remember, your goal is to create one long line. A belt will make the eyes stop in your waist region. Likewise, do not wear a suit as separates. The difference in the colour of the jacket and pants will make your short legs noticeable. When having a suit tailor-made, ask your tailor to make the cut of the jacket shorter and have your trousers lie slightly higher on the hips to give your legs a longer appearance. Choose suits with slimmer lapels to make your shortened suit proportionally smaller.

Tall Men. If you are tall, you must choose a suit that will break up your long line. You have to create an illusion that your legs are not as long as they seem. To do this, you can choose a jacket with a longer length. Likewise, your trousers should break on top of your shoes. Avoid showing your ankles since it will give an appearance that your suit has shrunk. If you own more than one suit, your best trick is to mix and match them to create a separation between your torso and your legs. Wearing a belt will also break your tall appearance.

Thin Men. If you are on the skinny side, you need to appear bulky. You can achieve this by choosing men’s suits made from heavier fabrics. Likewise, choose a suit with busy patterns and pleated trousers. Checkered-patterns will also give you a wider look. A suit with a double-breasted jacket will also create a bulky look, especially when they overlap when buttoned-up.

Large Men. If you are built large, you need to choose a suit that will give your body a contoured-appearance. Avoid suits with large checkered patterns since these will make you appear bulkier. High-waisted trousers will give you an elongated look, which will make you appear narrower as well. It would be best if you also chose a suit made from lighter fabrics, such as cotton.

Athletic Men. If you have an athletic body type, you already have a build that is ideal for a suit. It would be best to choose a suit with a shoulder fit that will naturally and softly contour your shoulder area. However, one problem that athletically-built men encounter is that most men’s suits designed for men with wide chests also come with an expected big gut measurement. It is, therefore, necessary for men with athletic builds to have their suits tailor-fitted for them.

Every man deserves to have a suit, no matter what their body types are. The above tips may help you in choosing the perfect suit for you.