Winter Footwear


When styles and designs of footwear for the Fall and Winter collection was released, most of us were still grappling with the new normal since the pandemic hit us. With things under control now, we can now spend more time on the things that make us happy again, such as footwear. Lockdown restrictions have also since been lifted, meaning that some of us will have legit reasons to leave our homes to get some things done. This also means it is time for us to put more effort into the way we dress and present ourselves—and what shoes we wear will definitely contribute to how we appear to others.

It’s not just about the appearance. When we talk about what shoes to buy, we definitely cannot afford to neglect other important factors such as durability and comfort; and you can achieve this with things like high arch insoles. These are the factors that we will be taking into consideration when discussing the shoes later. Every season, countless new styles and designs of footwear are being pushed out. In order to cut through all the clutter, we have identified the styles that you should have lying in your shoe cabinet at any point in time. So if you happen to be missing any of this footwear, you may consider pampering yourself for getting through these tough times and add this essential footwear to your collection.

A quick summary of the current trends: Loafers and cowboy boots are all the rage these days. Loafers pair extremely well with socks and comfy jeans and trousers which are definitely what we gravitate towards these days when it comes to bottoms. Cowboy boots are full of personality and best matched with midi skirts and tights whenever you want to switch your style up. Different styles of boots are trending for different reasons, and dad sneakers are the new “in” sneakers. Read on to find out more and how to style them.


If you are tight on budget, then stop looking elsewhere and simply settle for the loafers. Investing in a quality pair of loafers will really be all you need. Although they have really become the big hit this season, the good news is that loafers are truly timeless. Trust us on this—two years down the road and you’ll still be reaching out for your trusty loafers when you are heading out. Loafers just simply work well with any outfit you throw on, and for this, they are deserving to be on the top of your shopping list. If you are undecided on what pair to get, we can’t recommend simple silhouettes like Maison Margiela’s or Telfar’s styles enough. As they say, simplicity is the way to go. If you aren’t too keen on plain designs, you can go for something more playful, but make sure that it is still safe to wear out by most standards.  Once you are better acquainted with loafers, you can then go for more unique looks and designs that you fancy.

Winter Footwear

Knee-High Boots

Just a decade ago, these were the hottest fad. Now it is seeing another resurgence and we are definitely glad to see people everywhere pulling off the knee-high boots look. Go crazy or simple with these boots—the sky’s the limit with this versatile footwear. Make them the statement piece of your outfit by going simply with tennis skirts or maxis, or draw attention to your legs and accentuate your beautiful leg line by pairing them with skin-hugging jeans. For knee-high boots, you would probably only buy a pair or two in several years, so it is important to invest in a quality one because these boots can be quite a hassle to put on and straining on the foot if you skimp on the pair you buy.

Cowboy Boots

Honestly, we were taken aback when these eye-catching footwear continued to go strong even after a year of popularity. In fact, it seems that this trend has only gotten crazier and there just seems to be no end in sight. More styles have popped out over the pandemic, and we must say that they look amazing. The number of combinations and looks one can pull off with all the sheer amount of cowboy boots out in the market are staggering and we are thrilled at all the possibilities. If you share the same excitement as us, look no further—head over to the selection over at Ganni and FP Collection.

Dad Sneakers

Chunky sneakers had their time two years back, and now it’s time to bring those oversized shoes down a notch. Dad sneakers are slightly more subdued than chunky sneakers and are an extension of the overall dad look trend from the dad jeans and blazers. Skip the platform sole and all the bright neon shades. For dad sneakers, one should get more neutral and unassuming colors such as grey, nude, or navy, to nail the dad look down to its very essence. Look out for heritage brands like New Balance, Puma, and Reebok for some interesting renditions of the dad sneakers trend.

Dad Sneakers

Ballet flats

Usually worn by the teens with an interest in dance or ballet, ballet flats have since seen more adult females incorporating them into their daily look from last summer. An interesting, fresh, and feminine alternative to the typical strappy sandals or flip flops, anyone who notices them on you are sure to appreciate the effort you put to dress up.  Although not very practical during snowy and wet days, ballet flats are a great option to have during the rare days when the sun comes out. One thing is for sure, these ballet flats will continue to see much more use when the weather gets warmer as spring rolls around.


That is it for the new trendy footwear you should be aware of for this fall and winter collection. Never neglect what you wear for your feet. Not only is it important to wear the proper gear to care for your feet during these cold and harsh seasons, but you also wouldn’t want people to think you are sloppy or flippant in your dressing. What are you waiting for? It’s time to browse some shopping sites and check if they have this trendy footwear in your size.