How to Recognise a Neelam

Recognise a Neelam

The blue sapphire or Neelam is one of the most powerful stones available in astrology. This should be worn only after being advised by an astrologer. This stone it is very difficult to identify and can have deadly consequences if worn by the wrong people. Therefore, it is important to identify the original Neelam and wear the same only. While identifying a blue sapphire gemstone look for various signs of crystallization. Like all other names the Neelam stone should also have inclusions which can be seen by the naked eye or when magnified.If that is not the case then the substance is synthetic or glass. If you are unaware of the look of an original sapphire then traders can give you the fake ones.

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Read on for some tips and tricks to identify the gemstone.

  • While purchasing the Neelam stone look for inclusions and floors in it. You can take the help of a magnifying glass for identification. This will magnify the inclusions and make it easier to identify. Flaws ensure that the sapphire is an original and natural gemstone.
  • The second test on the Neelam stone is the breath test. Here you simply have to breathe on the stone and watch how the stone becomes foggy. Count the seconds before which the fog starts to fade. Ideally, if stone is an authentic one the fog will not clear in 5 seconds.
  • You can also try purchasing the sapphire gemstone from an original seller either online orthrough a brick and mortar store. Original sellers will always provide you with an authentication certificate which proves that the stone is not fake. All stones get their authentication certificate from the GIA. The gemstone certificate will offer you more information about the stone that you have purchased.
  • While purchasing the blue sapphire you can also take the help of an expert. You can take the astrologer who has advised you to purchase it with you while making the purchase. Since astrologers deal in gemstones on a regular basis, they can identify the stones very well.
  • Alternatively, you can try the scratch test on the stones. Since the stones are made of hard material, they will not scratch each other’s surface. But if the surface of one of the stones gets scratched then it is definitely a fake one or a stone of lower quality.
  • A real blue sapphire will not have a second stone inside it.This is known as the doubling.If you look at the blue stone against the light and find another layerinside then it is not the original blue sapphire but maybe a Benitoite which resembles a blue sapphire.
  • The density of a Neelam is way higher than other stones. In fact, you can understand the Neelam stone price by its weight. The price will be higher for heavier stones. Which does not hold true for synthetic stones however.

A real blue sapphire is not very easy to find. If you come across one look for science of a very slow crystallization which is a sure shot sign of its authenticity. Sometimes you will also find external elements being preserved inside the gym this can only happen in a real gem because it is made naturally.

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