Escape Rooms

The current lifestyles of most people revolve around a busy life trying to juggle between work, studies and other activities. As you keep up to date with all that’s been trending, you’re likely to have come across escape rooms. Escape rooms are rooms that allow you to engage in something that activates your brain as you take part in intellectual or physical work. It’s like playing video games, but in virtual reality.

The rooms allow you to experience being a different person, for example, a book or movie character. The game usually takes about an hour providing a unique experience of escape rooms in different scenarios such as escaping from prison, spaceship or any setup that gives you an imitation of a real-life experience.

From larger cities to smaller towns, more people are embracing them and pride themselves in completing as they proudly announced that “I escaped”. All this hype is due to the experience they get from the escape rooms. With over 2800 escape rooms available worldwide and the rise of new ones popping up every day, there must be a reason why escape rooms have become so popular.

Why escape rooms are popular

Escape rooms like LockBusters can be played by everyone though it’s mostly adults who are in love with the game. Especially for stay at home moms or someone looking for a game that develops their brains further, the game can be a great alternative. Each person playing utilizes different skills that they have to solve the puzzle together.

Most companies that engage in events like corporate events host their employees and co-workers in escape room games to help build individual character. At the same time through engagement during the game builds a great team-building experience. It also enables an employer to see how employees work together and how they respond under pressure. Here’s a look at why escape rooms are popular.

Increase your love for games

People who love games are the ones who enjoy escape rooms more, especially games that are intriguing with the feeling of accomplishment once they win. The eagerness to win is part of human nature and many people enjoy being praised and rewarded for something thus the popularity of the game.

Gives you a break from the norm

Technology has become part of our daily routines from the use of phones and other tech stuff to listen to music and work. It has made life easier and better as well as provided many opportunities, but if not limited it can mentally bog you down. If you’re looking for something away from the norm that you can take part with a group of friends and that doesn’t involve technology, escape rooms are a great choice.

With escape rooms, you won’t need to use your phone. You will be in a room with your friends where you have to come together and figure out how to accomplish your goals without using any form of technology. The lack of technology allows you to brainstorm options and use skills outside of tech making you more productive. It allows you to collaborate easily and communicate effectively with each other to figure out the solution to situations that may arise.

Feeds your curiosity

Escape rooms activate human curiosity. Being curious beings in nature, the game allows you to discover and solve mysteries. Once you’ve figured out the problem, it brings a good feeling about yourself. This is one of the reasons why so many people are embracing escape rooms and becoming “addicts” since they can always come back to solve mysteries.

It’s not only entertaining to play, but the drama-centered events and problem-solving makes it intriguing. The game emulates the unquenchable need to win and be the hero within a stated time frame. You get to test your mental strength and teamwork with people to win by escaping the room. You will engage with other participants in the escape room using hints, clues, and riddles to break out of the room.

Connects people

By connecting with other people and sharing ideas, escape rooms help you to bond with others. Though there are escape rooms that allow you to have an adventure on their own, most of the time they involve group activity. You need to solve problems together to complete an escape room, whether you are playing with a friend or an entire team.

By figuring out a solution together, it enhances your bond. Each one of the participants has different levels of skills to contribute and once solved you can move to the next challenge. You have to continue connecting until you’ve officially escaped. You also need to communicate effectively which enhances your communication skills.

Enhances brain functionality

Since you are involved in critical thinking to find solutions, the game enhances your brain functionality. As you attempt to solve a puzzle, you have to adapt quickly to be able to solve it. Your next move has an objective and similar to traditional puzzles, this helps develop your brain functions since you’re stretching your mind. This is quite helpful and can be applied even in practical life situations when you face other challenges in life.

Despite how they’re presented, puzzles are fun to work with and meant to be fun and enable you to learn new skills. By solving different puzzles, you will be gradually solving your way out of the rooms and building teamwork spirit, making it an ideal team-building game, especially at work or school.

A fun activity

From the transition from teenage to adulthood, many adults have to learn to live with a particular routine. All these routine activities can end up becoming monotonous since you have a daily schedule and already know what to expect. By playing escape rooms it gives you a bigger picture of something new, different and exciting.


While escape rooms may not seem like fun at first due to the many puzzles, the thrill of finding a way out while connecting with others is worth giving a try. You will not just be bonding with your family members, colleagues or people that you don’t know but make fun memories along the way.