We are surrounded with sounds. The chirping of birds, the horn of a car, the ring of cell phones, the sound of a radio, all are different types of sound. Without these sound our life will become black and white. Sounds give significance to our life. Sound is basically an energy which travels through a medium that can be air or water. This energy is be interpreted by our ears as a sound. Sounds are made of three core elements.

They are, timbre, which is the quality of a sound, frequency, which is how fast the sound is repeating itself, and the third is intensity, that is how loud the sound is. These three elements can be identified by human ears and we perceive it as a sound. Human ears are very sensitive towards sound. To capture sounds there are audio electronics such as microphones, speakers, tape recorders, mixers etc. They all are used to record and play audio sounds. These electronics generate sound waves which our ears can recognize and interpret.

There are various parts for audio system, which includes,

  • Speaker: They are output devices. Speakers convert the electromagnetic signals to audible sound waves. A speaker is connected to a device that receives the sound signals and processes those signals to create sounds. They work as the output device of those sounds. Speakers can be connected to many types of sound system to receive input sound waves from a receiver, these inputs can be in two forms, first is analog form, where the speaker converts them into sound, and the other can be in digital form where the speaker first converts them into analog form and then into sound waves. Speakers produce sounds that can be perceived by our ear.
  • Microphone: This is one of the essential parts for audio system. It works as an input device. The sound waves are recorded here. A microphone can enhance the quality and bass of the sound. This can covert a sound into an electric signal. The different air pressure on the microphone creates different sounds. There are various types of microphones, among which dynamic microphones are most popular.
  • Cable and connectors: A cable or connector works as the mediator between two devices. Audio electronics are connected with these cables with one another. There are many types of connectors such as plug in sockets, jack connector, crimp on connectors, blade connector and others. All of these establish the connection between audio electronics in an audio system.
  • Amplifier: An amplifier is a device which has an electrical circuit to control the quality of sound. It increases the power of a sound wave. An amplifier has two ports, where one port receives the sound signal; the other port enhances the quality and magnitude of the signal, producing a greater sound wave as an output. It is a very essential part in a sound system.

With all these components a sound system works as a whole to produce greater sound effects, pleasing our ears.

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