Stress-Free Workday at Home

Some people know how to cope with the fact that they will be working from home from now on. There are still some people who’ve never had an opportunity to experience the concept of working from home. In order to make the transition as stress-free as possible, here are some tips to help you transition with ease.

Don’t interrupt your regular morning routine

It’s easy to forget about your regular morning routine when you start working from home. You feel like you can sleep longer than usual and start work later. If you do this, you’ll disrupt your regular routine, start working late and let your work consume your entire day. To avoid falling into this trap, start your day every day at the same time. If you spent thirty minutes of your morning commuting, use that time differently. You can work out, read, meditate, relax, or you can start working earlier than usual. This means that you’ll also end your work thirty minutes earlier than usual, so you’ll have enough time to unwind after your work day.

Get ready for work

Even if the fact that you can work in your most comfortable outfit sounds appealing, don’t do it. Avoid working dressed in your pyjamas because it will mess up the boundaries between sleep, work and life after work. Get ready for work just like you usually do. If you start your day with a shower, keep doing it even when you work from home. Remember that all of this will pass and it will be easier to get back to your morning routine if you keep doing it. If you have a Zoom meeting scheduled for the day, put some light makeup on to look well-rested and fresh. Guys can trim their beards and comb their hair, as well. Wear something nice and comfortable every day to avoid depression and give a spark to your routine.

Time your work right

Since you don’t want your work to eat up your entire day, time your work right. If you have to work from 9 to 5, respect that time frame. In case you have a time tracker on your computer, and you need to work for eight hours, then you can start even before nine o’clock if it suits you. But, remember to time your work right in order to finish work when your timer informs you that it’s been eight hours since you started working. You need to clock out and finish the work for the day. Don’t work late or longer then you have to just because you think you don’t have anything better to do at home. This will lead to burnout for sure. Remember to quit working when you’re supposed to.

Allocate space for work

In other words, set up a home office. Proper office is not your bed or your sofa. You need office furniture, this means having the right desk, a comfortable and supportive chair and the right environment. If you are busy with all your work, you can purchase office furniture online to help you save time and stress while shopping around. Pick a spot that offers an abundance of natural light, it’s comfortable and a bit isolated from the rest of your household. If you’ve reserved your spot next to a window, make sure to dress your window the right way. Proper window treatment like light reducing quality curtains can limit the amount of light and also limit any distractions. If your desk is facing the window, this will help you focus better and stay productive.

Set up boundaries with the members of your household

If you’re already tired of yourself saying “Not now honey, I’m working, remember”, you need to set up some boundaries. Your partner, your kids, parents, roommate or whoever lives with you needs to know your boundaries. In other words, you need to set some rules. If you have an entire room for yourself turned into a home office, set up detailed instructions on the door. Include the rules, your working hours and a list of exceptions (you may enter in case you don’t know how to turn on the oven). If you don’t have the luxury of being all by yourself in a room, just sit by facing the wall or turning your back to your household members. Put on your headphones and kindly ask everyone not to make too much noise during your work hours. 

Don’t forget to take your breaks

Your usual breaks at work keep you sane, reduce mental and eye strain and also serve to boost your productivity levels. So, don’t neglect your breaks even when you work from home. Take your usual lunch break because you deserve one. Don’t eat in front of your computer, step away from it and eat at your table. Use your 5-minute breaks to stretch your legs or your entire body. You can also step outside for a bit and keep your distance from other people. Use this time to take a light walk and soak up some vitamin D which is an essential immune boosting vitamin.

Lastly, end every work day with a plan for the next day. This will help you in the morning and also help you focus on important tasks. A plan will help you create the right framework and help you stay focused and productive during your work-from-home adventure.