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The most renowned pediatric pneumonia specialist near me wants parents to be wary of chest infection which might start out as a seemingly harmless cold or fever in their children, but will develop into a severe issue if unchecked.

It is common for children to encounter different types of infections, mostly due to their reduced immunity compared to adults. As parents, you are sure to come across your children getting infected at some point in their life. Vaccines, treatment, and consultation with the physicians will do away with most.

But when your child has chest infections, it becomes a real drag. I am saying from the first-hand experience. Thankfully, I had the assistance of a top-rated asthma doctor near me from the Manchester Paediatric chest clinic. He treated my child and got him back in good shape and provided me a lot of tips that would help prevent future infections of similar magnitude.

The renowned respiratory physician who also doubles as a pediatric asthma doctor near me helped me in understanding the apparent fact that the chest infection treatment is not only helpful for my child but has far more significant implications. It also prevents the germ responsible for the infection from jeopardizing the health of others in your family. You might like to follow in my footsteps and learn more about chest infection in children and how to keep them out or consult with any right pneumonia specialist near me.

What are the common chest infections in children?

Though my child used to be physically fit and extremely healthy, he would frequently get affected by chest infections. The top-rated cough specialist near me informed me that my child was not an exceptional case, as most of the children at a tender age have a feeble immune system and are prone to chest infections. According to the best asthma specialist near me, chest infections were of two types:

  • Bronchitis caused by a virus, resulting in the inflammation of the mucous membrane and
  • Pneumonia caused by bacteria that affects the air sacs or the alveoli of the lungs.

Common symptoms of chest infection in children:

The best pneumonia specialist near me, who also happens to be a physician at the prestigious Manchester Paediatric chest clinic, intimated me about the common symptoms of chest infections. He told me that it is imperative to identify chest infections by the symptoms if my goal was to prevent my child from suffering in the future due to the same reason.

This right cough specialist near me also said that chest infections start as a common cold or a fever, but develops rapidly into a far dangerous form of the disease if not checked early. Therefore, it will help you identify the symptoms of a chest infection that is plaguing your child.

  • Prolonged cough and fever
  • A considerable problem in breathing which is accompanied by wheezing sounds
  • Problems in sleeping
  • The rise in heartbeat rates
  • A general loss of appetite which is accompanied by nausea and vomiting
  • Constant chest pain, which might also affect the abdomen.

Possible ways to avoid chest infections:

Home-based treatments: 

The best-in-class asthma doctor near me however, assures that the treatment for chest infection is relatively simple, and my child would recover after a certain level of care. But he also warned me that I should take proper precautions lest it develops into something more severe. According to the best pneumonia specialist near me, using medicines like paracetamol can help reduce the temperature as well as help with breathing troubles. Along with this, boosting your child’s immunity by feeding him seasonal fruits, milk, and dairy products are some home remedies that can come handy in treating chest infections.

Prevention tips: 

The top-rated pediatric asthma doctor near me also said that recurring chest infections in children could be a severe problem, affecting numerous other parents like myself. Therefore, this pneumonia specialist near me offered specific tips for prevention.

  • Maintaining proper hygiene in and around your house prevents your child from coming in contact with harmful disease-causing pathogens. Also, it is essential to keep your child away from smoke and polluted air as much as you can.
  • The cough specialist near me also stated that I should discard and dispose of the tissues and the napkins I had used when my child was infected. Such an act will prevent future recurrence of the infection in your child.
  • The pneumonia specialist near me and the asthma doctor near me, could not stress enough on the importance of vaccinations. Vaccinations against the flu help to get rid of secondary infections in your children.
  • Keeping your children in a safe and protected environment is crucial for the prevention of chest infections. It includes keeping them away from cigarette smoke and members of the family who have been infected.

If your child is not relieved from the infection and the symptoms persist even after prolonged care, you should consult a doctor and probably get in touch with the Manchester Paediatric chest clinic.

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