DOT Motorcycle Helmet

How do you know your helmet will keep you safe in the event of a crash? Helmet standards are put in place in the United States to ensure any bike helmet you purchase for street use is up to par. Explore the DOT motorcycle helmet standards today and find out how to choose the best helmet and motorcycle jackets for sale for a safe ride.

What Are the Motorcycle Helmet Safety Standards?

The DOT has identified a few main hazards on the road. They then formed tests around each one to ensure any road-legal helmet fits the minimum criteria for a safe lid. Here are the four hazards that could occur in the event of an accident on the road:

  • Impact attenuation
  • Penetration resistance
  • Retention
  • Peripheral vision

A sudden impact may be the most common danger on two wheels. Think of your head hitting your handlebars, the road, a tree or pretty much any other object while you’re riding and you can understand the importance of this test. The DOT test uses a rounded and a flat anvil to test the impact rating of a helmet. This occurs in four environments to be sure your helmet is built to last. Whether it’s humid, cold or you’re submerged in water, you need a lid that prevents a concussion or other head injury.

An even more unpleasant accident to think about is the penetration test. This DOT test features a pointed striker weighing in at six pounds, 10 ounces. This is then dropped from a height of 118 inches straight onto your helmet. Whether this calls to mind falling stalactites or javelins thrown at you as you ride, the important thing is that you’ll be protected with a DOT helmet in this instance.

All street-legal helmets need a retention strap. This strap needs to hold up to an impressive 300-pound load and still hold firm. Finally, the peripheral vision test is used to check that you can see objects coming before it’s too late.

Other organizations, like the SNELL Foundation, have their own tests and slightly different requirements. Now that you know the ways that your DOT-certified helmet will keep you safe, it’s time to shop for motorcycle parts and gear.

How To Choose Motorcycle Parts and Helmets

Shopping for a new helmet and motorcycle parts may be an exciting adventure or a boring chore. Whether you’re in love with lining up for a shopping trip or you’d rather be cruising on two wheels, online shopping is the way to go.

Check out a leading online store to see how easy it is to search for helmets, exhaust pipes, jackets and other items. An online store typically has far more options available than your local bike shop, so it’s a great way to find a specialty item or compare all the available DOT helmets.

Shop online today for motorcycle batteries, a safe helmet and other parts and accessories to enjoy a wide selection of name-brand items. Read customer reviews so you can confidently select a safe, comfortable and stylish helmet before you gear up and hit the road.

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