How to Get Headlights Delivered

When the headlights on your vehicle go out or look dim, you should order replacement parts and complete this repair as soon as possible. Here are a few guidelines for getting the parts and tools you need through online ordering and home delivery or curbside pickup for auto parts along with guidance on how to replace headlight bulb at home.

How To Safely Fix Your Car in Confinement

A vehicle may require maintenance or repairs during quarantine. You can do many regular tasks yourself, such as replacing burnt out headlight bulbs, worn windshield wipers or a dirty air filter. Consult the owner’s manual for your vehicle for part numbers or enter the make, model, year and submodel into an online shopping tool to narrow down your choices to parts that are likely to fit. Online guides and videos featuring a similar make or model can guide you through many easy to moderately difficult repairs.

Some tasks may require expertise or tools that you do not have. Some repairs that are easy on certain vehicles are more complicated or require different parts on other makes and models. If this is the case with your vehicle, consult with a mechanic who can work on site or make an appointment at a garage. It may be possible to keep costs down by ordering affordable parts for delivery or pickup.

Brightest Headlights for Your Car

Color temperature is used to measure the brightness of headlight beams. Light emitting diode headlights have a cooler color temperature and appear whiter than high-intensity discharge xenon or halogen headlights. LED and HID lights both emit wider light patterns than halogen headlights.

If you want the brightest lights, LEDs are a good choice. Xenon or HID lights are better for illuminating the sides of the road, but also cause more glare. Auto parts retailers make it easy to arrange for replacement bulbs or headlight assemblies to be picked up at the curbside. If a headlight on your vehicle has burnt out or your lights have become dim, you should get replacement headlight bulbs and fix these safety components as soon as possible.

Headlight Replacement Tips

In many cases, you will only need to replace the bulbs of your headlights. You can gain access to headlight assemblies through the engine compartment of most vehicle makes and models. The headlight will typically fit into a bulb holder or fixture connected to power. Three wires generally attach to a plug at the base of each headlight. You may need to open a plastic tab, metal clip or screw cap to remove the old bulb, clean the plug and install the new bulb. Wear gloves to avoid making direct contact with the delicate bulb, as oils from your skin can cause the light to fail prematurely.

Some models do not have replaceable bulbs and will require that you remove and replace the entire headlight assembly. Ordering replacement headlight bulbs or assemblies for delivery or arranging for curbside pickup can ensure that you have the parts you need to maintain visibility on the road.

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