PDFs are Better Than Word Documents

Word documents are one of the most used file formats in today’s digital world. However, there are still reasons and disadvantages of why PDFs are better than a Word file. This article will give you 4 reasons why PDF is more practical than Word documents and why you should choose to convert them. Numerous online converter tools would help you with that.

In case you didn’t know what PDF is, it is an abbreviation of Portable Document Format, which is a “read-only” type of file format. This means that you can only make changes or alterations by leaving an electronic footprint, and this is why PDFs are accepted in court.

Universally Accessible

You can easily access PDF files with all the known operating systems, software, or hardware. Yes, it is a known fact that Word documents can also be accessed and edited with Microsoft Word software. Still, if a person saves it on a Mac computer, you might encounter some compatibility issues while using a Windows computer.

PDF files look the same way on all types of operating systems, and this is one of the main reasons you should convert your Word to PDF. You can also download a PDF reader to enable you to access your files on any type of device, be it an Android smartphone, an iPhone, tablet, or any portable mobile device.

High-Level File Encryption Support

One major reason why PDF files are widely used in today’s world is that it supports data encryption, which means that you can easily protect your files, and no one else will be able to get their hands on them. It also offers a safe and secure approach to transfer data over the internet.

Legalscans.com mentioned that electronic documents are reliable if the said documents leave a traceable digital footprint, a requirement that PDF files possess. Thus, PDF files are difficult to alter or change without their specific PDF editing software, making falsification and fabrication of the content can prove quite complicated.

Password Protected

Normally, PDF files require a good security and protection level, as these types of files may contain some sensitive information that the file owners don’t want others to have access to. However, PDF files can easily be password-protected with various tools such as PDFBear, Soda PDF, and many more.

Password-protecting your PDF files gives it protection from malicious activities, hackers, or cybercriminals and prevents the information stored from falling into the wrong hands. This guarantees that the information or data stored in your files can only be accessed or opened to people who know or possess the correct password.

Reduced File Size

A person can convert different file formats into PDF with a much higher resolution. These PDF versions occupy less storage space and can easily be kept in your company’s servers or on your personal computer. PDF converter tools also give you the capability to merge numerous PDF files into a single file.

Choosing to convert your Word documents to PDF will enable you to compress your files from raw data files that you have created. This is very helpful in files that have visual elements. You can attain a compression level between 8:1 to 2:1, which reduces your PDF’s file size without even losing the quality.


There are still many reasons why PDF files are much better and more practical than Word documents will ever be. There are many online converter tools that enable you to convert your Word documents to PDF, like PDFBear, a free web-based converter tool. You are not required to download or install anything, and you just have to access it through your browser.