Purchasing Art Online

You must consider proper research before purchasing anything online. Studying about the item or product which you may be looking forward to buying, in this case, a piece of artwork will help you to develop an intuition and you will be able to make the right choice.

Whether it is a sculpture, photography, painting, or some other form of art, the value may change with time. So, whenever you are planning to buy original art online, you must rely on your knowledge and information you have more than anything else. 

Considering permanence 

Be aware of duplicates and other unauthentic pieces available in the market. Unscrupulous sellers may apply thick paint over a painting for making it appear original. Apart from that, some un-curate websites are there, offering amateurish artwork that is low-grade. You should consider comparing other works of the artist, signature as well as the number on the print. Make sure you do homework about the artist, artwork, and the site.

 Wisely choose the seller 

You may encounter online sellers who are agents or dealers, serving as middlemen between you and the artist and earning a certain percentage over the profit gained from the sale. You must check the reliability of the agent, verifying how long he has been in this field; it will help you to determine his capability and authenticity of his commitments. Though, it is always better to contact the artist and making the purchase directly. In this way, you will be able to interact with the artist. It is appreciating and encouraging for him or her. Moreover, you will get first-hand information about the art you are invested in.     

Knowing about the artist 

Before buying art that appeals to your interest, you must judge, research, and cross-check about the artist. Look for his or her profile, works, whether or not he or she has acquired recognition, nationally, locally and internationally, etc.

Try to know whether the artist is associated with any recognized professional groups or artist forums. Weigh up the credentials including titles and awards won. Study the resume or biography of the artist for getting a better idea about his or her type and standard of creation.

 Cross-checking the legitimacy 

Even if it is a reliable source, there are certain vital points to consider such as whether the product is second-hand and was pre-owned, the current condition of the product, and asking an expert to guide you with his or her expertise on the artwork. The online auction charges a premium fee and you can be anywhere from 15-30% of the final bid, so don’t forget all the extra fees. 

Ask for an authenticity certificate

You can certainly trust the certificates rewarded o the art, justifying its authenticity, besides certificate issued by an art gallery forum and the artist’s signature on the artwork. You can ask for documentation with authenticity details which may be befitted to prove from the seller, the artist representative, or gallery from whom you are purchasing. Find out a credible company that will provide you with all the requisite information.