Bangle Styles

The moment my mother opened her Jewellery case, it was a pop of gold bangles that instantly caught my eye. On asking why there are so many of them, my mother replied “Gold bangle designs are unique- each throwing a charm of its own. Kadas, Bangles, bangle bracelets, daily wear bangles, fancy bangles, broad bangles, and side bangles- are all simply irresistible given the daily use. So we have one per occasion and one if there no occasion times too” she said smilingly. What she said was true, that is when I realized there are so many varieties of bangles.

Here are 5 bangles styles you should eye at

Daily wear bangles:

Made in plain gold, daily wear bangles are minimal in design; they are plain, durable, lightweight, and made for heavy-duty wear and tear. Simple daily wear bangles are the most common finds in any retail Jewellery shop. They are ideally worn in a combo of 2, 4, 6 & 8. They have a very plain finish with easy handling, cleaning, and are made for effortless use. In comparison to other bangles, these are priced low for their simplicity.

Kada Style

Kada Style Bangles are design populated, either enveloped in traditional muses or modern abstracts and geometric styles. Kada style bangles are heavy, intricate, and come in free sizes. Ensure to keep track of 22Kt & 24Kt gold prices, offers, and discounts (if any) online before you venture out to buy Kadas in any retail Jewellery store.

Broad Bangles

Another category of bangles made in intricate designs are the broad bangles, they are similar to the Kada style but are available in different sizes. They are ideally worn as singles and doubles too. Broad bangles are heavy, intricate- They are bought for gifting and as a Shagun to offer to new brides. Broad bangles come in a variety of fusions- with Rhodium polish, with enamel paint, gemstone studded; they are also used alongside daily wear bangles to give that rich and fulfilling look for the hands.

Gemstone Bangles

A pop of color is always a welcome sign in dressing while accessorizing gemstone bangles gives the right ounce of beauty to our outfit. They are most commonly available in Rubies, emeralds, corals, pearls, and blue sapphires. Sometimes a cocktail of Rubies and emeralds can also be found. Another variety is the black bead bangles which are again considered to be auspicious by Indian women.

Bracelet Style Bangle

Single, elegant, and graceful- the bracelet style bangles are everything you can ask for. A blessing to formal outfits, they come in delicate designs giving that right amount of style quotient that is needed on formal wear. They come mostly in floral designs, geometric shapes, and modern abstract designs. Bracelet style bangles are also preferred by millennial women for their lightweight and cool look.  They are also affordable in comparison to other varieties. They come in lower weight and price ranges. One can also enjoy the flexibility of buying simple bracelet style bangles in 18 KT purity. They can be worn on Indian, western, and fusion wear too.

With so many bangle options, one gets truly perplexed about choosing what to buy. But, take it slow and buy a pair of each variety- as bangles are the one that lends their grace irrespective of outfit and occasion