Antique and Vintage Jewelry

You will get very rare people on this earth who do not have a passion for jewellery. The glamour of vintage jewellery is something different that is hard to be described in simple words. Inmodern time, you will get various types of designer and costume jewellery, but the beauty of vintage or antique jewellery is above all. You must have seen that these were mainly worn by their ancestors. They were made with top-class materials. This is why they are so praised and preferred by people even in the present time.

What is the speciality of traditional jewelry?

It can be rightly said in this context that antique jewelry is that type of jewellery that is about 100 years old. Even many art pieces of 1920 are now considered antique ones. If any item is declared ass antique by a dealer, you have to assume that the heirloom is very old and traditional.

It is found that the design of the antique product is different. It will never match the modern style or look. They are rather durable and strong. You can easily use it for the rest of your life. It is also believed by many people that an antique product can go generation after generation. This is the speciality.

Importance of vintage products:

Apart from all this, a product or an item is said to be vintage if it lasts for about 20 to 30 years. Vintage is said to be the most vital term that indicates large or mass production of jewellery. The demand for vintage jewelry is also observed among people even in recent time.  If you get an engagement ring of 1800, it can also be termed as a vintage item.

Many people claim the jewellery of their grandmother as a vintage one. Yes, it will be vintage jewellery. Those will be durable and of high-quality.  If you wish, you can also gift it to your next-generation family member.  Although both the vintage and antique products are said to be traditional, but there is a difference that exists between the two.

The distinction between antique and vintage Jewelry:

The main difference is noticed in respect of age. Jewellery is antique if it is 100 years or more than 100 years old. On the other part, jewellery is vintage if it is aged between 20 to 30 years.  The mid-century jewellery is a vintage one. Jewelleries during the Victorian, Georgian, and Edwardian period are antique ones. This is another noted distinction that is found between the two types of jewelleries.

It may happen that you have to repair your traditional jewellery. Before doing that, you should remember that the jewellery maintains its quality to about 50%. It should not be hampered inany situation. Keep a mark on the jewellery so that you can easily recognize it. Many times it may be exchanged by the shop owner. Having traditional jewelry is always a matter of prestige and honour. It should be preserved as much as possible by the owner.