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This Black Friday and Cyber Monday experience a great discount on WordPress Survey Plugin. You can get your hands on the Quiz and Survey Master Plugin that will be offered at a discounted price during the 2020 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale.

WordPress a Popular Content Management System runs thousands of websites and blogs on the internet. It is loved by many individuals and businesses across the world because it is easy to use and requires less technical knowledge in other words it unites people from all backgrounds.

If you own a WordPress Website and want to make the WordPress Experience even more fun and fascinating to your visitors, then you need to engage your visitors with interesting Quizzes and useful Surveys. By keeping them engrossed in your Website you can decrease the bounce rates and increase the overall visitor count.

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This Black Friday and Cyber Monday many popular WordPress Themes and WordPress Plugin will be offered at a discounted price to achieve maximum sales.

As the holiday season nears there are tons of deals and offers on useful WordPress Products that you can find on the internet. One such plugin to look out for during the sale period will be the Quiz and Survey Master WordPress Plugin.

If you are looking for a good survey plugin to run surveys and collect important data for your business then Quiz and Survey Master must be your first choice. It comes with tons of useful features that help you to make awesome surveys and achieve your desired result.

A Sample Survey Built with Quiz and Survey Master Plugin

Quiz and Survey Master is a Free to Download and Use WordPress Survey Plugin that can help you build Simple and Complex Surveys within minutes.

If you want to make Advanced Surveys and collect detailed information to make the most of the collected survey data then you must surely try the QSM Pro Addons.

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With the help of these Addons, you can Build Mailing Lists, run Marketing Campaigns, connect Google Sheets to the Survey Plugin, add Payment Integration, add an Advanced Timer, and more Third-Party Integrations.

Quiz and Survey Master is a Multipurpose Plugin allowing you to make different types of Surveys, Quizzes, Tests, Forms like Questionnaires, Online Exams, Viral Quizzes, Aptitude Tests, Customer Surveys, Employee Engagement Surveys, Trivia Quizzes, Feedback Forms, and a lot more.

Quiz and Survey Master has 15 Question Types that you can use to frame Different Types of Questions in the forms of Multiple Choice Questions, Fill in the Blank, Drop Down, Checkbox, Multiple Response, Slider and more.

It is the Best Survey Plugin for a reason. It has many unique features like adding hints to the asked questions, correct answer info, timer function, asking questions category wise, mailing user with the results.

Top Features of the Quiz and Survey Master Plugin

  • Simple to Use and Configure
  • 100+ Customization Options
  • Receive Regular Plugin Updates
  • Unlimited Questions and Response
  • Provide Downloadable Certificates
  • Grade Quizzes/Surveys with Points and Correct/Incorrect
  • Add custom texts with the use of Template Variables
  • Ample Documentation for Quick Reference
  • 24×7 Customer Support
  • 30+ Advanced Pro Addons
  • Highly Flexible and Easily Sharable

Quiz and Survey Master is a Trusted Plugin and has been downloaded by 30000+ Users worldwide. It is the highest-rated Survey Plugin on WordPress.org with 800+ 5 Star Ratings.

Get the Quiz and Survey Master Plugin’s Pro Addon Bundle at a Discounted Price this Holiday Season. Get the Addons at 30% OFF with the Effective Pricing of Premium Bundle $90 $129 and Starter Bundle $55.30 $79. Using the Discount Coupon Code: BF2020.

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Note: The Offer is valid only from 26th Nov 2020 till 30th Nov 2020

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Quiz and Survey Master in the Best Survey Plugin in the Market Currently which is free and offers great customization options.

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