Retail Sales Agent

Being in the sales industry is no easy feat. It takes skill and thick skin to be successful and help generate noteworthy customer purchases. Presently, there are companies like Redseed LMS Platform that provides comprehensive training and assessment for people who want to improve or pursue a career in the field of retail money-making.

Aside from skills and appropriate training, you also need to possess the correct attitude for you to thrive and become an exceptional retail agent. People often assume that working in the retail or sales industry is not something to be proud of, mainly because they lack the understanding of the process and work it takes to be consistent and gain real results. In reality, there are specific characteristics that set accomplished salespeople apart from regular people with zero experience or knowledge about sales.

What are these characteristics?


Without determination, an aspiring retail agent will not go far. The industry of sales and retail is highly demanding and competitive. The first attempt to sell will not always be successful. The succeeding attempts will also not always be as fruitful. It is for this matter that resilience is very important because it means they don’t give up easily, even after facing several rejections.


One of the best ways to convince people to make a purchase or avail a product is to have charisma and be likable. People who are great at engaging the interest of people tend to be more convincing. Clients also listen more to salespeople that they can feel a genuine connection with. Without charisma, it will be even more difficult or challenging to make even just a single sale.


A disciplined retail agent or salesperson is well-organized enough to make follow-up calls on previous leads they have contacted. It is important to follow-up because it reinforces the offer, and it also gives agents a chance to fully persuade their target customer to push through with the offer and buy. Discipline also comes with taking down important notes, and reminders for each cold call or sales offer they make.


To be adaptable means to absorb new product information, address customer needs, and meet changing demands in the industry as quickly as possible. Customers are quite meticulous when they look for items to purchase, especially when they have to stick to a certain budget. These are the people that are quite difficult to convince, and so if a retail or sales agent can articulate what the product is all about, along with additional offers that the company has to offer, it assures customers of what they can get in exchange for availing the product.


Most training seminars or courses for retail and sales, such as the one offered by Redseed LMS Platform, regard empathy as a key component in going far in this industry. Aside from charisma, people are also more drawn to retail and sales personnel who understand what they want or need. Empathy allows agents to dig deeper and go beyond the monetary factor of their job.

It helps them take a closer look at specific components that compel people to purchase, as well as circumstances that make them shed doubt or question what is being offered to them. More importantly, agents who can empathize with their customers and leads are the ones who can bridge gaps between brands and their target audience.

Although there are individuals who innately possess these qualities, there are online courses that will help them develop these skills and characteristics.