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PDF/A is almost the same as PDF. However, PDF/A is a version of a PDF format that is ISO-standardized. With this, converting to PDF/A format will allow your documents to be secure and accessible for many years to come. Any data or information in your document will remain the same as it did years ago.

PDF/A also permanently embeds all the information and data in the same file. Now, anyone who uses GoGoPDF to convert a PDF document to PDF/A can do so with a single click? GoGoPDF offers a convenient and streamlined conversion process. You can convert PDF to PDF/A in a carefree way through GoGoPDF!

Quick Conversion

Let’s start with the strong point of this GoGoPDF tool. One could say that GoGoPDF deeply values its customers’ time. So, converting a PDF document to PDF/A should be pretty quick when done on GoGoPDF. You’ll instantly convert your PDF to PDFA with just a single click! Everything about this PDF to PDF/A will be effortless and quick!

The ability to convert and create PDF/A files has never been this easy. Of course, customers wouldn’t want a PDF to PDF/A converter that takes forever to complete. The last thing that GoGoPDF wants is to waste your time. It instantly converts any PDF document you upload in this converter!

You’ll be able to download a high-quality and accurate outcome every time. GoGoPDF doesn’t just deliver its product swiftly, but it also ensures that the conversion quality is always correct and precise.

Convert PDF to PDF/A Through 4 Steps

This GoGoPDF PDF to PDF/A converter will instantly convert your PDF documents using four steps. Don’t worry; GoGoPDF assures its users that this four-step process isn’t tedious and complicated to follow. This four-step PDF to PDF/A process is one reason converting PDF to PDF/A is reasonably convenient on GoGoPDF.

First, you must upload the PDF document you want to turn into PDF/A format. Alternatively, anyone who wants to convert PDF to PDF/A using this converter can also drag and drop the PDF into the converter box. Next, this GoGoPDF converter tool will automatically and instantly convert it to PDF/A. Then, wait for a few moments while this GoGoPDF tool completes the process.

After waiting for a few moments, the PDF to PDF/A tool will show a downloadable PDF/A file. You can save this newly converted PDF/A file on your PC or share it with your Dropbox or Google Drive.


This online tool from GoGoPDF can effectively create a new and ISO-standardized version of the PDF format. It does so by removing certain features that are not suitable for archiving the file long-term. When you ISO-standardize a PDF document, you can reproduce the file exactly similar to the original PDF. And the software used wouldn’t be a problem.

Pre-Equipped Settings

As we said, converting PDF to PDF/A on GoGoPDF is 100% convenient. Subsequently, you won’t need to change or add any values into the settings of this PDF to PDF/A converter. This PDF to PDF/A converter comes with all the best and ideal settings in converting your PDF to PDF/A format.

You can do so by uploading your PDF to the converter box. Upload any PDF file and let this GoGoPDF convert it for you! It is highly unlikely that you’ll encounter problems and issues while converting PDF to PDF/A using this converter tool. Without a doubt, it is a sure-fire and effortless way of converting PDF to PDF/A.

Cross-Platform & Cross-Browser Support

It is part of GoGoPDF’s goal to make PDF converters like this PDF to PDF/A tool as widely accessible as it can. This PDF to PDF/A converter should be easily accessible regardless of which platforms or browsers you choose. You can freely convert PDF to PDF/A on any Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems!

All you need to access and use this PDF to PDFA converter is to open the GoGoPDF website using any Web browser you like. GoGoPDF converters and tools are 100% free and accessible on Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, and other Web browsers.

This GoGoPDF converter is also accessible on any smartphone! Just access the GoGoPDF portal from the web browsers on your smartphones. Please note that you’ll need an Internet connection to access and convert PDF to PDFA using this GoGoPDF tool.

Safely Converted & Stored In The Cloud

This PDF to PDF/A converter doesn’t require any software installation to use. The only thing that this GoGoPDF requires is a stable Internet connection. Subsequently, all PDF to PDF/A processes happens online, saved in the GoGoPDF Cloud, and is secure in the Cloud system.

Anyone who wants to convert PDF to PDF/A on the road can do so using this GoGoPDF Cloud system. The Cloud system is also one of the main reasons why anyone can access this GoGoPDF tool, and GoGoPDF overall, from all laptops, smartphones, desktops, and even tablets! Convert PDF to PDF/A in a secure and highly functional Cloud system on GoGoPDF!

Data Privacy Rule

GoGoPDF has a data privacy rule, so you won’t need to worry about your files being leaked online. Another thing that you shouldn’t worry about regarding GoGoPDF is having your files accessed or even downloaded without your consent. GoGoPDF reassures its users that all files uploaded and converted in the GoGoPDF Cloud or database are deleted after an hour.

You can read more about how GoGoPDF upholds the security, privacy, and safety of its users on the GoGoPDF portal. You’ll be able to read further about the encryption GoGoPDF uses for all operations and processes there.


GoGoPDF offers a streamlined and convenient alternative in converting PDF to PDF/A for free. You won’t need to subscribe to GoGoPDF to convert a single PDF file to PDF/A. Anyone using this GoGoPDF tool will also experience a gimmick-free and ad-free PDF conversion. Without a doubt, GoGoPDF should be your go-to online tool for any PDF to PDF/A conversion!