The inability to edit files in the portable document format has been a long overdue dilemma. People in today’s generation are quite fortunate since we now have the tools to manage these problems. Gone are the days of complicated, uneditable PDFs, and comes the new digital age where all is possible through online operating tools.

We are introducing an online PDF instrument you can enjoy for free, a PDF tool with a complete set of functions to serve all of your PDF operations with speed and finesse. Its colorful and coruscating ambiance gives you a fresher approach to handling your PDFs and other data of different formats. This online tool is GoGoPDF, your partner in editing PDFs!

Making Neat and Precise Edits To Your PDFs

Whether you are a professional or a young student, there are inevitable circumstances wherein we reach our computer literacy limits and Google for more answers. Well, if you are currently having PDF problems, you just found the right article. Do not underestimate the rainbow feels of GoGoPDF; it can manage all of your PDF complications with such ease!

Without the proper tools and programs, it is quite impossible to make alterations to PDFs. Some programs are available for installation but come at a certain price. GoGoPDF is free of use as long as you are connected to the web. We will uncover how to add page numbers to PDF, watermarks, e-signatures, drawings, shapes, and many more!

Numbering PDF Pages

Numbering your PDF pages allows you to get a better grasp of your page’s arrangements. It makes your document more organized and comprehensible. However, if you only have MS Office programs pre-installed on your device, you cannot make this simple change, provided how complex PDFs are by nature. See how easy we can use GoGoPDF:

  1. You can use any browser, depending on your preference, then visit the GoGoPDF home page.
  2. Proceed to the “Number Pages” option at the bottommost part of GoGoPDF.
  3. Locate your PDF and drag it to the GoGoPDF dropbox. You can also click “Select File” and manually browse for your file from disk or Google Drive.
  4. A fast loading will begin, then you can choose the area wherein you want to position your page numbers.
  5. And your task is done! Start downloading the newly numbered PDF pages to your preferred storage location, or you can copy the URL for quicker online file distribution.

Does your PDF contain any confidential content? You can rest all your worries as GoGoPDF already expected these situations! GoGoPDF carefully adheres to high standards of consumer data privacy; your documents are kept within your eyes only. They also delete your files after 60 minutes, right after you finish any operation.

Add Watermarks to PDF

In this modern digital age, social media continues to dramatically grow globally, hitting all markets from children to late adults. Unfortunately, some are inconsiderate enough to publish content from a liable source and claim it as their own. GoGoPDF strongly disagrees with these illegal actions and allows you to add watermarks to your PDFs!

With your personalized text or image watermark augmented to your PDF, your documents will remain solidly yours. Signifying ownership to PDFs through GoGoPDF is easy to do; follow the same uploading method with numbering pages, then input your text watermark. Uploading an image watermark is also a good choice, then save your changes, and you’re done!

E-Sign PDF

Especially in the current pandemic situation, signing documents and delivering them to the main office becomes really troublesome. Your liquidations and reimbursements are delayed more because of these inconveniences. However, now comes a trend wherein higher executives choose to e-sign PDFs to shorten the process and save efforts from both ends.

GoGoPDF features the e-signature feature for you to sign your PDFs without printing them! The only challenging part of signing through computer devices is the difficulty in drawing your signature. Other than that, everything comes more convenient and comfortable. You can also pre-sign in paint and upload it as an image for lighter operations.

Repairing Corrupted PDFs

If you still have not encountered a damaged or corrupted PDF file, you might want to take note of this tool as it might help you in the near future. With GoGoPDF, you can repair and recover your PDF files within less than a minute! The repair extent may also vary depending on how much your file is damaged. A partial or full repair may occur.

Editing and Rotating PDF

As mentioned earlier, we will also learn how to add shapes, drawings, and minor edits to your PDF. On the GoGoPDF home page, you can see the “Edit PDF” function and proceed with the alterations you need. You can add or delete some texts; this is quite tricky if you do not work with GoGoPDF. You can expect the effortless addition of shapes and drawings with this tool!

If your PDF is also positioned incorrectly, you can take advantage of the rotate PDF function of GoGoPDF. Depending on your needs, you can choose whether to rotate a single or multiple PDFs. This function overcomes the usual dilemmas of upside down and sideways positioned PDFs! You must see GoGoPDF, check out more rotation options!

Converting PDF For Complex Alterations

Now, if you acquired a PDF that needs large and major modifications, this tool is your number one pick. The GoGoPDF PDF converter tool is a versatile, two-way converter tool for more intense editing. If you want to make massive edits like making documents from scratch, convert your PDF to its most comprehensive format.

This function caters to the most famous formats, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, JPG, PNG, HTML, and many more! Another GoGoPDF advantage is that it works on all device types and operating systems.


GoGoPDF lures you out of your comfort zone and allows you to explore the limitless capabilities of your electronic files. Try it out for yourself and enjoy their services for free! Go on and give it a go.