Best Functions of GogoPDF

PDF files are the most common file format people use in their daily lives. If you’re here to know the best functions to protect, split, add e-Sign, and convert your PDFs, you’re in the best place. This article will explain the details and give you easy to do instruction. With that, here are the best functions of GogoPDF to manage your documents.

Protect PDF

Non authorized access could be a big issue for people with desktops, mobile phones, or other technological gadgets. When people experience this problem, their essential data like email conversations, work, reports, and private text might be lost. Some people might also experience that their money, identity, and personal bank information gets stolen. If you want to avoid this problem, consider adding passwords to your documents.

With that said, the password protect PDF tool should be the perfect solution. This function features the 128-bit AES system to encrypt all your documents tightly. All the processes you will do using GogoPDF are secure and safe. It encrypts your records to avoid unwanted people from touching your files in the future. If you wish to protect your existing essential documents, there’s no better time to do it than today.

Do not let other people access any of your files and start placing passwords on those documents. Follow this procedure and effortlessly add passwords to your documents:

  1. Choose the PDF you want to protect. Upload it from your personal computer or drag the file to the function bar.
  2. Place your chosen password and follow the requirements.
  3. Send the file through email or copy the file link to a text message or email and share it with other individuals.
  4. Start downloading the protected file to your Google Drive, PC, or Dropbox.

Split PDF

Sometimes you are having a busy day, and your boss would suddenly tell you to delete a few things from your report. You can do it manually or perform the process with the help of this function from GogoPDF.

It’s easy for this efficient and handy splitting function to divide any PDF documents into individuals and smaller documents. When you try to use it, you can delete PDF pages or make attachments, individual and chapter PDFs within a minute. It’s a perfect tool for people who are always in a rush, and you can also use it to increase your productivity in the office.

If you wish to divide a PDF document into different PDF files or extract particular pages to create new files, you can do that with this function. You only need to upload your data and wait for the splitting process to be done. Here’s how you can split your PDF files easily:

  1. Get the document from your desktop or gadget into the split bar area.
  2. Choose your preferred splitting option and after that, select the needed button to start the process.
  3. Sit and wait for the process to be over.
  4. The newly split documents are now downloadable. Start saving them to your PC or share to social media platforms.

eSign PDF

With the e-Sign PDF function, there are different methods to make your personalized digital signature. Users can place the words using their mouse, upload a photo to their document, and make it their signature, or take your photo holding your signature. After you sign the files, you can just email the document so that other people can sign it through GogoPDF.

Besides that, this function can track your document’s progress comprehensively and clearly. For the process to make it convenient for anyone, every recipient will be provided with a deadline to sign the document, and after they are done signing, the sender and receiver will get the download link of the signed file. It’s also easier to increase your output at work if you use this GogoPDF feature.

The procedure for this function is relatively easy to follow, and anyone can do it. With that, here’s the straightforward process:

  1. From your gadget or computer, upload the file to the toolbox.
  2. Upload your signature image or create your signature using the mouse. Apply the changes and share the file with other people if needed.
  3. Know your file progress. After both parties signed the document, you can get the downloadable link.
  4. You can now download the signed PDF document to your desktop or share it.


If you always prepare presentations for work or school, be efficient and quick with that task. You can’t afford a lot of time on a single project because your hours will be limited, and you can’t finish another project. Well, you can save a lot of time if you convert your PDF file into PNG documents. And the process is relatively possible if you use this function from GogoPDF.

With that said, GogoPDF is an online-based service capable of converting your documents into high-quality PNG images. It’s a fact that PNGs are better than JPEGs and other image formats. Why is that? Because PNGs features the deflate compression.

If you want to use a PDF document in a web graphic, illustration, or logo, you need to start using this function. You can transform a PDF file into a great-quality PNG document with this conversion tool. To start the process, you only need to choose the file you want to convert and follow the steps below:

  1. Select the PDF document you wish to transform from your PC or drag it into the conversion bar.
  2. This function will start extracting and scanning your file.
  3. You only need to wait, and the conversion tool will start the process.
  4. After the procedure, download the file to your device.


With GogoPDF, you can do almost anything with your PDF files or other file formats. You can convert, compress, repair, unlock, protect, add watermark, or merge them without bumping into little or big problems. GogoPDF is truly the safest online platform that you can use for your PDFs. Try out now for all your PDF needs!