Pass Your Citizenship Test on the First Try & Prepare Using Apps

citizenship test on app

If you’re trying to get your United States citizenship, you understand how grueling and stressful the process is. From having a solid understanding of the English language to diving in-depth to the civics of the United States government, there is a wide array of material you’ll need to have a handle on. Earlier this week, I was researching some different resources for one of my friends, and I came across a list of informative mobile apps that can help you get prepared.

Prep Apps for Citizenship Test

These apps will not only help you learn English and the civics of the United States government, but they will also help you understand more about the naturalization process and prepare you for the interview that weighs heavily on your exam score. 

Prepare for the Interview

Even though the interview doesn’t occur until at least 2 weeks after you fill out the application, you need to use that time to prepare for the process of becoming a citizen. As you wait and prepare, you’ll be informed of the date of your naturalization interview, and you need to be prepared. 

These mobile apps will inform you of the various steps of the process, along with preparing you for potential interview questions. Mobile apps can let you know all of the documentation you’ll need to bring in, but they’ll also make it very clear that you need to have a proper understanding of English to impress your interviewer. 

Study English to Pass the Exam

The interview is one of the most important parts of the exam, not only to prove that all of your documentation is correct but also to prove that your English is clear enough to function within society. Mobile apps will point you in the right direction of the variety of online resources that can help you get a solid handle on the grammar rules and even the pronunciation of the English language. 

These mobile apps can also link you with online tutors that will converse with you before the interview. There’s no better way to practice than with an unbiased and well-educated tutor who can point out to you which parts of your English still need work. A mock interview might be just what you need to calm those pre-interview jitters. 

Learn About United States Civics

Along with a grueling English exam, there is also a very detailed civics portion of the naturalization test. Now, this portion is very challenging. There are many questions on this part of the exam that most United States citizens would not know the answer to if they had to take a naturalization test. This portion of the test is detailed, tricky, and combines your knowledge of United States history, along with the minutia of the United States government and its various documents.

The difficulty stems from the amount of material that this portion covers. There are only 10 questions, and you’ll only need 6 correct to pass. However, these 10 questions could be any of the 100 questions on the study guide, so you’ll just have to memorize the answers to all of them. As you study, mobile apps can help you keep the information organized. You can even download government flashcards that can help you understand the tricky vocabulary. 


Attaining your citizenship is a stressful enough time even if you don’t have any help studying to pass the exam. Utilize citizenship test mobile apps so that you can be more focused on your exciting new adventure as a United States citizen instead of worrying about your English, your civics, and your interview. 


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