How to use technology and other tricks to concentrate better in Mathematics?

tricks to concentrate better in Mathematics

A lot of people feel that technology helps them to study better. Let’s see a few ways with which you can do that.


  • There is something that is called alpha wave sound tones that give the listener memory, focus and a better concentrating ability for studying for mathematics class 7 and anything else that needs your full attention. Go on YouTube and look for binaural beats. For this you need earphones. Give it a try for a while and if you think it’s working for you then this will actually change you for the better. Always listen to music on low or medium volume to concentrate the best. Prolonged use isn’t harmful so there isn’t much to worry about.
  • Once you’re done listening to it, try and hear the sounds in the environment. It can take a little while for your ears to get adjusted to the ambient sounds in your room. It is actually perfectly normal if you feel there is some distortion in your hearing.
  • Get yourself some apps to help you concentrate better. More than not, it often happens that while you’re studying you’re tempted to use your phone and most of the time you do it habitually without actually meaning to. Keeping your phone far away is not a solution because you’ll get up and go to it when the urge is too much. This is why is it advised to download and app that locks the apps that you frequently use for the amount of time you are supposed to be studying for. This way even if you open your phone, you will not be able to access the applications that are time wasters.

  • Background music. Soft and slow background music can work wonders for some people. Music is a very important tool for concentrating. A soft tune in the background can help you forget that you are burdened with books. Music can make studying feel like relaxation. It is important to remember that the music that you might like on a daily basis is not the kind of music you want when you’re studying. The best kind of music is the kind of music you have no idea about. That way your brain will not register to it and you will not be singing along. Experiment with different genres always to come to the kind of music you can tune out when you’re studying. Nowadays the internet is full of background noise generators that play sounds of nature like rain, birds chirping, the river flowing and numerous other sounds to allow you to study comfortably.

 When you’re doing mathematics, especially when you’re solving 7 class mathematics study material that is where you need your concentration to be at the peak. The tips mentioned above will be very helpful because solving problems with a little bit of music might just be the secret to you performing brilliantly in the subject.  Go ahead and try it for yourself.

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