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 The whole concept of the internet has become air today. In today’s time, all kinds of exams are being conducted online with the help of online exam software. It has become very much imperative for aspiring students to practice these kinds of examinations. A lot of coaching institutes also provide a great amount of practice about the online examinations so that students can face in the actual exam. These kinds of online examination related software’s have helped in solving various kinds of problems which is the traditional examinations could never solve. The pen and paper-based examination have been completely overtaken by the concept of examination software because the software is considered to be the perfect solution as the time of conducting any kind of examination.

Following are some of the must-have features of online exam software:

It should work very well: Examination software should have the ability to run efficiently in case thousands of students are undertaking the examination at a single point of time. There are several kinds of online examination software and some of them are not as much efficient whenever it comes to examining more than a hundred students at the same time. So, the software multiprocessing is a very complex process in itself so it should be done very efficiently so that universities can conduct an examination of thousands of students at a single point of time and this is a very huge deal. So, all those people who are procuring these kinds of software must be aware of people who are befooling each other in the market. One should very well analyze the whole developer team of the software and in case the developers seem to be credible along with a great model for the system then the examination portal will work efficiently and smoothly and universities can conduct an examination of thousands of students at a single point of time.

The software should provide the procedure of creating examination: This is one of the biggest challenges in the off-line examination that a lot of time and effort is required to conduct and prepare for the whole examination. The invigilators have to be hired, reports have to be printed, distributed and then proper evaluation processes to be done so that ranks can be calculated and it is a very long and time-consuming process. So, at the time of buying particular examination software, people should always ask a very simple question of how much time it will take to create an exam in this software. In case a software provides the option of creating the questions, filling the question bank, Filling of the excel sheet then it will be a very time-consuming process and then one should go with the option of modern online test software so that one can create the examination within five minutes only by simply uploading a very simple word document. So, this point should be very well considered at the time of procuring particular examination software that it must provide the feature of the easy creation of examination who conduct the whole process very smoothly.

It should be able to conduct a student performance analysis: Normally there are three types of classification is of online test software. The first one is that there is no proper analysis and they only calculate the total of the marks. In the second option, people can conduct examinations very easily and they will also provide the analysis but the report generation process is quite difficult. To get a proper analysis the individuals have to create the question bank on the system along with various kinds of subject-related trees and this option is not that much convenient. On the other hand, the third category will help in providing a very real deal where the individuals are supposed to do very least amount of work and will get a proper detailed a student based performance Analysis.

The software should be friendly in terms of mobiles: Nowadays human beings spend the majority of their time on their mobile phones. The only part when they do not use the phone is when they sleep and using a mobile phone is the favourite thing of everybody. So, the online test software should be very much mobile friendly and it should work on each of the phones along with each of the browser in case there is an internet connection. Some of the mobile applications are very costly and getting platform is ready for them is almost next to impossible. So, the individuals can go with the option of purchasing that particular exam software which is mobile friendly and also releases various updates from time to time so that bug fixes can be tackled very easily.

There should be an option of an unlimited number of examinations online: This is another benefit of the online examination platform that they have to provide infinite options for conducting the examinations. This has become a must to have feature nowadays. One should always go with that particular option which allows conducting an infinite number of examinations for the students and even offers them the opportunity to practice as much they want so that they are real examination goes very well. Along with the sharing of study material such practice tests should also be shared very well with the students so that they can develop a realistic approach of things.

 The online examinations should be used as a practice quiz: When study material students will be abundant will not be having a proper idea whether we have completed it or not. So, it should be made available on these kinds of platforms so that printing costs can be saved and these problems can even be presented as the practice quiz. In this way, the institute will also help in keeping the track record of students about the number of problems which they have solved. So, implementation of this concept is a win-win approach for both students and the institute.

 The price of the online exam software is another thing to be considered at the time of buying it and one must never go with the option of cheapest one rather one should focus on quality at the time of procuring this kind of software.

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