It’s now a well-known fact that there IS a safe dosage of CBD that can be used for medicinal purpose. But how is the strength of CBD oil measured? How will you find out if a certain dosage will work its wonders without leaving traces of adverse effects?

We’ll answer these questions on this post through recommendations from health professionals and facts from verified medical researches.

Potency Levels Of CBD Oil

Before getting into the three main categories, it’s important to note that their levels are still highly dependent on the type of CBD infused, as well as their concentration per dosage. Nonetheless, below are the 3 basic levels that distinguish the potency of hemp oil.


With a recommended dosage of 300 mg, one can say that this is the safest for those who are newbies to using CBD products. This is considered a very low dose per milligram as this is standard for a bottle of 30 mL.

On the other hand, those who’ve already tried their share of CBD oil will still like the fact that low potency is enough to alleviate you of stress. If what you need is a bit of breathing room, peace of mind, and less anxiety, this will be just right for you.


Instead of having separate intakes of low potency oil, having a mid potency one is a great alternative. This will prove especially true if your working conditions and tasks are considered high-stress.

In this case, a single dollop with 500 mg of hemp essences is going to work splendidly. Those who experience chronic pains such as arthritis, migraine, muscle and joint strains can rely on this and still be assured that that amount per 30 mL is reliable.


A word of caution before you hop onto the high potency type. This is reserved only if you suffer from insomnia, above-average anxiety and stress, along with acute pains in your body. We’re talking about a thousand mg of hemp in a 30 mL bottle.

That’s much more than the average person can usually take without feeling its negative effects of drowsiness, nausea, and lethargy. You might want to consult a medical practitioner before taking this as it’s essential you find out if your body size and composition are a match for this amount.

How To USE CBD Oil

Unlike other ingestible CBD products, CBD oil should be utilized topically. This means that you simply need to apply it on the affected areas of your body. Say, if you have a migraine, then apply the oil on your temples or nape. For muscle pain and spams, spread a few drops of it on the area that feels said pain the most.

In terms of frequency, it’s suggested that first-time users apply this once a day, or only when body pains and stress levels recur intensely. Others say that every other day is just as good for low-potency takers as its health benefits will easily show their effectiveness with how often you apply CBD oil on yourself.

As for mid to high potency bottles, go back to our tips above. And when in doubt about switching to a higher dosage, seek a medical adviser for the proper way of doing so.

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