Breast Cancer 101

After all the search and consultations, you have finally decided to go for a DIEP surgery procedure. It’s a common procedure after a mastectomy. Of course, DIEP Flap surgery is delicate. However, experienced surgeons know how to execute it with precision. With this reconstruction option, you can get back your bigger and pettier breasts. However, the recovery process is extremely important. That’s why you need the right recovery tips. The following tips and tricks will help you recover after a Diep surgery in style.

Diep Flap Surgery 101

DIEP flap surgery refers to a breast reconstruction procedure that involves removing skin and blood vessels from your lower belly or chest and using it to rebuild your breast.

Due to the relocation of body tissue, this surgical procedure will leave you with a tighter and flatter tummy. However, it’s important to note that DIEP will also leave you with a prominent scar on the hip bones.

The Right Bra

When it comes to DIEP flap surgery, your reconstructed breasts are created using your own body tissue. However, they’ll function differently from your ‘natural’ breasts. Your new breast tissue will be heavier than you’re used to. So, you might not be able to adjust your newly constructed breasts into tops and traditional bras the way you previously used to.

At this point, underwire bras will be extremely uncomfortable. In fact, push-up bras will be impossible to wear. And these limits can be extremely devastating. So, it’s better to look for alternative options that can help you feel as comfortable and confident as possible. Look for reputable post-surgery sellers and get yourself a couple of high-quality bras. This will allow you to lead a healthier and more comfortable life after surgery. Woman’s Health Centers in Florida provides annual well woman visits for your health and well being long term

What to Expect

DIEP flap surgery is a procedure designed to rebuild the shape of your breast. It’s often performed when you’ve had your breast removed because of cancer. After surgery, you’re more likely to feel weak. Plus, you might experience pain for the first two to three weeks. You may also have a stretching feeling in the area where the flap was extracted from.

Some people may also get tired easily and this could last for several days or weeks after surgery. Even more, you might experience several drains near your incisions. But they’ll be removed once the fluid buildup slows down. Drains are often removed within the first few weeks after surgery.

Key Takeaway

Women believe in bigger is better. And one of the best ways to enlarge your breasts is by going through a Diep flap surgery procedure. When done right, this procedure can transform your breasts and make you gorgeous. So, if you love then bigger, invest in a Diep surgery procedure.

The Bottom-Line

Finally, you have managed to go through the DIEP Flap Breast Reconstruction Surgery. You will get enjoy a myriad of benefits, including bigger breasts. However, you need to recover to enjoy these benefits. The above are the finest recovery tips you need after a Diep flap surgery procedure.