Digital Business Cards

Is your sales team finding it difficult to generate authentic leads and spread the business organically? Well, almost all businesses go through this struggle at some point in their lifetime and keep finding ways to get back on track. Most businesses consider attending networking events to make new contacts.

One study showed that sales increase by close to 2.5% for every 2000 business cards distributed. With such a low proportion, so many of us are left to wonder, is it really worth it?

So, here’s my answer: yes, it is. How? Let’s find out!

Physical Business Cards have become Obsolete!

It is true that the physical business cards are no longer required at this point of time. Most of the businesses these days are using digital business cards to reach out to their customers and potentials to convert them.

However, digital business cards are not the only way you can let a word out. There are a lot of other avenues, through which you can create a hype about your brand and network with customers, passing information just the way you like it.

It is time to look for creative and unconventional ways.

Apart from setting up avenues like digital business cards, a website is one of the ways in which people find information about you and get to know more about your business. However, the website must be informative and interactive, both at the same time.

That is why, a lot of these businesses have replaced their orthodox websites with sleek and slim landing pages, that help the visitors with crisp information about the place followed by an amazing contact display form, through which you can get the information from people. However, even this is getting old. So, what’s new?

Have you thought of setting up an Online Blog?

The landing pages have been replaced with online blogs for now, and the results have been outstanding. A lot of the businesses have been setting up their accounts on platforms like Medium, Quora, and other micro-blogging platforms like WordPress and Tumblr as well and they are utilizing it to the fullest for marketing.

What’s the best part about these media? They are usually linked with social media platforms and that way; you can easily market the blog.

However, the blog must be active to make an impact with quality content in it, which will subtly market the product and services and redirect them to the company’s website.

How to interact with people coming to the Online Blog?

The best part about blog marketing, as a tool for connecting with visitors online, is the amount of data you get your hands on while doing the same. The digital business cards may not help you with that much data, but you can also use it on your online blogs.

With the blog setup, you can easily get analytics of your visitors and target them through online platforms like Google and Facebook, creating a great customer pull strategy, building on the efforts of your marketing team.

Use Your Digital Business Card smartly!

If your team has access to digital business cards, this is the right time to spread the word and make your businesses’ mark on the audience, who are your potential customers. There are a lot of business support groups and forums on the internet, where your team can organically pass on their business cards and connect with people.

Similarly, LinkedIn is one such platform, where you can creatively connect with people and business owners and share your digital business cards.

Digital Contact Cards powered by Google

During this pandemic, this is a new feature that has been added by Google, and with this, you can easily set up an online contact card and people can easily search for all your vital information and contact details just by searching your name on Google Search.

Imagine, you have just come out of a meeting and you want to impress the client. You can simply ask them to Google your name to find your email address, phone number, social media profiles, and everything else. What a stunning way to keep them hooked!

These are some of the ways in which you can easily connect with people via a digital business card and use them to network and market your business.