NCERT Solution for Class 10 Maths

NCERT publishes its textbook having practise questions and solutions as per the 10th standard syllabi. However, solving mathematics problems can be a bit challenging for the candidates appearing for their board examination.

In this particular article, we would emphasise on the key areas of each chapter that can be helpful for every candidate. We understand that completion of these humongous syllabi is a tumultuous task and thereby we took up the onus of preparing this ncert solutions for class 10 maths. Go through the noted suggestion that we have prepared for you and crack your examination with a high spirit.

  • Real Numbers- Chapter-1

The first chapter is all about HCF and LCM which is followed by Euclid’s division lemma along with rational & irrational numbers. Next, you will find the conversion of the fraction to decimal and decimal to fraction. We have a solution to all the major questions present in our four exercises. Go through them and you will surely find answers to all persisting problems.

  • Polynomials- Chapter-2

Here our solutions are tailored to let you know how effectively you can verify the relation zero and coefficient. The solution explains in detail the ways of finding zero polynomial and relevant solutions for quadratic polynomials.

  • Pair Of Linear Equation In Couple Of Variables- Chapter-3

Remember students that class-10 mathematics is all about the study of algebraic and graphical methodology that helps you to solve a linear equation. Through these tailored solutions prepared by us, you can revise the elimination method along with cross-multiplication methods that are specifically used for solving problems that are based on linear equations.

  • Quadratic Equation- Chapter-4

Here it is all about conversion of word problems to a quadratic equation. By using the answers given by our experts, you can easily find across the roots of the quadratic equation in this particular chapter.

  • Arithmetic Progression- Chapter-5

You will have five questions from these particular sections. Four exercises are given in this particular section divided into varied sections and here we need to find the term. Here you will learn how to find the nth term and find across the sum of consecutive terms.

  • Triangles- Chapter-6

There are six exercises in this chapter. Here you will have 9 theorems and solving this theorem for class X candidates is very important.  Triangles are one of the important chapters and there are numerous sub-topics involved in it. We have tried and solved quite a few problems that will definitely help you to crack your examination.

  • Coordinate Geometry- Chapter-7

In chapter-7 you can improve your knowledge about existing concepts like slopes along with origins and concepts. In this particular chapter, you will learn to find across the coordinates as per the given data. You need to explore answers like finding across the distance that exists between a couple of points by making use of their coordinates and more

  • Introducing Trigonometry- chapter-8

Take advantage of our written solution to practise all major problems related to this chapter. It is also being advised to revise the chapters from the class IX books so that all areas of trigonometry can turn out to be simple.

  • More Application Of Trigonometry- Chapter-9

To get a tailored solution on this particular section you can follow the textbooks prescribed under NCERT guidelines. You can learn to solve the problems relating to the height and distance of varied objects. It is being advised to revise the varied applications through the solutions that we would prescribe for you.

  • Circle- Chapter- 10

Firstly you need to understand the concepts of tangents along with secant and number of a tangent from a particular point to a circle and more with an oriented solution. Learn about the relevance of the radius, diameter along with centre while going through the topic of the circle in a detailed manner.

  • Constructions- Chapter-11

Here you need to attend questions that will involve drawing tangents to the circle. Find across answers to create a division accurately. The division needs to be on the line segments in our textbook solution. At the same time, you will learn to find mathematical justification or solution to construction.

  • Areas Relating To Circles- Chapter-12

Perimeters along with areas of a circle and areas of a combination of plane figures are to be studied. You also need to study the area of a sector and segment of a circle. Our solution for class X candidates will help you to revise the chapters thoroughly.

  • Surface Areas Along With Volumes- Chapter-13

It is a part of the mensuration unit. We help you to find a solution for each problem through specified guidelines formulated by our experts. Read our guidelines in detail and find across a solution to all major problems.

  • Statistics & Probability- Chapter 14-15

 From this section, you can learn how to find mean, median and mode. Without taking any further burden you can revise cumulative frequency curves by practising the solutions designed by our experts. Also, get a detailed understanding of details to understand statistics by understanding the concept of cumulative frequency. Through our solution, we will finally help you to solve simple problems based on the concept relating to probability

We are sure that our solutions will make you competent enough and help you to understand every area with ease. We wish you all the very best and we are sure you will do well in your board examination and come up with flying colours. Good luck. !!