Degree In Fashion Management

The fashion industry is what it is today because of all the great creative minds that undertake the designing. But the people who come up with strategies and campaigns to sell these designs do not get enough credit. Fashion management which encompasses marketing, selling, purchasing and managing inventory, is the connecting link between top fashion designers and customers looking for their exclusive designs.

An established fashion manager has an excellent overall understanding of how the fashion industry works. Fashion management requires an analytical mind to coordinate runway shows and analyse fashion trends. But at the same time, it requires a creative eye to scout for marketable designs and put together a well-constructed look.

Given below are 10 reasons to pursue a degree in fashion management.

  1. A dynamic and happening professional life

The fashion industry is incredibly dynamic and ever-transforming. There are new trends to look out for almost every week. As one climbs the ladder and gets to high-profile positions, plenty of opportunities to attend high-end fashion events and travel abroad also open up.

  1. Unleashing creativity

One of the top career paths that await graduates of fashion management is that of a creative consultant. This area which lies at the intersection point of fashion and designing revolves around giving creative direction to the fashion industry for better customer acquisition. Regardless of whether or not students choose to pursue this career path, fashion management allows them to set their creativity free.

  1. Storytelling

Designers put their heart and soul into every piece that they create. But for their vision to reach the masses, there needs to be an effective marketing strategy in place. Fashion managers create a narrative around the design; they may not design garments, but they sure weave in the right story to help sell them.

  1. Better understanding of the market and the consumer

Consumers today are sensitive, informed, and aware. They are attracted to brands that are conscientious and approach fashion in a way that is cruelty-free, responsible and sustainable. Fashion management will help students analyse market trends and consumer behaviour to help brands deliver precisely what the consumer wants.

  1. Plethora of job roles

There is a wide variety of roles fashion managers can fit into, depending on their skills and interests. There may be one manager responsible for coordinating runway shows and another for scouting new and talented designers, or there could be one who does both and more – it all boils down to skillset and expertise. 

  1. Dynamic lifestyle

Some people need to get out of their comfort zones to find their calling. For people who are motivated by challenges or those who get bored quickly, the fashion industry is the perfect fit. It moves fast, and there is something new at every turn. 

  1. Meeting interesting people

Those who work in fashion come across a lot of interesting people from diverse backgrounds. Getting to see things from someone else’s perspective can be an educational experience. Building connections and networking also help advance one’s career.

  1. Acquiring transferable skills

Many people get into fashion just for the thrill of it and later realise that it is not where they belong. But fashion managers can always apply the skills that they acquire, anywhere else. Curating marketing strategies, anticipating customer needs, adapting to change, are some of the many skills that find application across disciplines.

  1. Better understanding of the fashion industry

For people who aspire to build a fashion empire of their own someday, there could not be a better opportunity to learn. They can get the hands-on experience they need and understand how the fashion industry works and what businesses need to do not just to survive, but to thrive.

  1. No barrier-to-entry

Business school graduates, university students, and working professionals – anyone can choose to pursue a career in fashion management. There are no prerequisites; all that is needed is hard work, ingenuity, and determination.

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