Fantasy Cricket Team

It doesn’t matter what kind of games you are into at the moment, the fantasy cricket leagues are gaining rapid popularity over time. But, while everyone is sharing tips and tricks for making the best team and the best wins, there are not many people who are sharing the tips and trips concerning the players.

A team is made up of the players and if the players aren’t top-notch, it is likely going to affect your chances at winning. This is why you must find the best players for your team and assign them accordingly.

Start with research

Just the cricket app download is not enough. You need to research every single player around to ensure their gameplay and the overall winning chances. Additionally, you want a balance in the team and get a good ratio of batsmen, bowlers, and all-rounders.

Choosing a team based on the favourite players will do you no good, so it is important you think practically and build a team that can achieve Rank 1 without hesitance. Make sure your research is extremely thorough when it comes to choosing the players.

Choose all-rounders to lead

Another important factor that you need to keep a check on is choosing the captain and vice-captain. Instead of choosing a batsman or a bowler as the captain, we’d suggest you pick an all-rounder.

A player like Andre Russell who has more experience and expertise will bring in more points for you in comparison to a batsman who is known for their quick-fire shots.

Focus on the Marquee players

Another important factor that you need to keep in check is selecting the marquee players. Try and pick the players who are in their best form. The last thing you want is to pick a player who was once popular but is completely out of form now.

These can also be considered for your captain and vice-captain spots. All of these come down to the selections you make.

Better average

Another criterion to select the players for your team is to pick the ones with a good average score. You don’t need to choose the greatest cricketer of all time but you need to pick a player who has scored centuries and half-centuries and has a good average throughout.

If the player doesn’t have a good average, it is likely going to end up doing worse for your team. It doesn’t matter whether they are a batsman or a bowler, so you need to keep a check on the same.

Picking out your players is extremely important for ensuring a faster win in the game. If you don’t want to end up losing the contest you signed up for, you must find a team that can back you up. Also, pick the players depending on the upcoming matches. Picking out players that won’t even play a match in the coming days is a complete waste of time and effort.