Sanitizer Dispensers

Whether you are considering measures for infectious disease control for preventing coronavirus transmission or convenient way or combating the regular flu season, touchless dispensers can help lessen exposure in your facility. 

Importance of touch-free hand sanitizer dispenser 

No-touch technology is an awesome concept as hard surfaces are potential transfer points for bacteria and viruses. You can pick up germs or pathogens put down by others on the surface. With more individuals sharing surfaces and spaces more than ever, no-touch technology can impede cross-contamination.  

Not everyone thinks similarly 

You may consider scrubbing your hands for full 20 seconds using water and soap, but not everyone thinks similarly. A wide number of people skip washing their hands properly to eliminate all germs after using the washroom.

Such people then start touching the same doorknobs, office supplies, fridge handle, keyboards, phones, and coffee pod handle that others do as well. In this way, infections can easily spread out, no matter whether you are concerned to wash your hands properly.

A spray of sanitizer from a touch-free dispenser can protect you from getting ill from the germs that others leave behind. Moreover, it is a good way to rapidly disinfect your hands even after properly washing them.

 It reflects your sincerity 

Installing a touch-free hand sanitizer dispenser in your facility displays your employee and potential clients that you care for their health. It generates a positive impression that you will be able to take all the vital details into account in different interactions and it matters, both to your employees and clients.   

Minimal contact

The ‘no-touch’ or ‘handless’ aspect allows for minimum contact with other surfaces, alleviating the spread of infectious germs. Unlike hand washing or traditional dispensers, a Fresh Hands Sanitizer Spray eliminates the risk of needless touch, as it uses motion sensors in place of a button for delivering a strong sanitizing solution in one fast, convenient action.

In a traditional setting of hand washing, you need to touch the faucet, hand dryer, or wipe dispenser mounted on the wall. Such contacts can spread germs potentially throughout that space, increasing the chances of infecting a significant number of individuals within the facility. For an office setup, a no-touch sanitizer dispenser is very useful, reducing the risk by eliminating unnecessary touch.     


Whether fixed on the walls or a hand sanitizer stand, such dispensers are a handy tool for individuals to keep up the hygienic control practices. ‘No-touch’ hand sanitizer dispensers can be installed in offices, workspaces, restrooms, or places of high traffic so employees don’t need to skip hand washing. They can simply take a trip to the restroom or the area where the dispenser is stationed. 

Improved productivity

If you place touch-free hand sanitizer dispensers in all the significant areas in your office, you can keep disease away, enabling your employees to be healthier. Health employee means less sick leaves.

A healthy workforce leads to improved productivity, as staff can accomplish their jobs quickly and efficiently. So, don’t hesitate to invest in touch-free dispensers and decrease the overall insurance plan costs.

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