Priligy And How It Can Help With Pre Ejaculation

Another topic that men find taboo talking about is pre ejaculation. However, this medical condition should, in fact, be given attention to as it may reveal more serious symptoms of a physiological condition.

This is where Priligy comes in. As men try to hastily try out cheap and untested products that promise results and yet have no research to back them, here’s what you should know about Priligy, how you can purchase Priligy at Numan, and why it’s steadily rising in popularity as a deterrent to pre ejaculation.

What Causes Pre Ejaculation?

Anxiety And Stress

It’s been said before and doctors continue to insist that anxiety and stress are underlying causes of a plethora of bodily ailments. And this includes pre ejaculation. Whenever your mind is stressed out, it sends distress signals through the nervous system to the rest of your bodily functions. As a result, your body won’t function at its peak during sexual intercourse.

Body Image

The second cause is poor body image. Here’s something that most men don’t think about and yet is just as strong a symptom like any other. When you have poor body image, you’ll tend to over-worry about being able to perform as well during coitus. This will then lead back to the first causes we’ve mentioned— anxiety and stress.

Hormonal Problems

Thirdly, prep ejaculation occurs due to an imbalance in hormones. Hormone levels that are abnormal will bring about an irregularity in the way Luteinizing and Thyroid-stimulating hormones cycle out.

Erectile Dysfunction

The inability to maintain erection also furthers the occurrence of pre ejaculation. For this, the most common factor involved is rushing through coitus and not being able to relax during intercourse. Again, it leads right back to anxiety and stress.

Priligy: What It Is

Priligy is a kind of medication that can be taken by adults who regularly, or almost regularly experience pre ejaculation during sexual intercourse. It can be acquired only through a physician’s prescription and thus is not available over the counter

It contains a substance known as Dapoxetine (its other common name) which is the main element that impedes the action of the serotonin and in doing so, causes a delay in ejaculatory movement.

Medical researches have shown that the recommended age to take Priligy is between 18 to 64 years of age. That being said, there are other factors that may inhibit its efficacy other than age itself.

The potency of Priligy has been determined and through scientific analysis and research, it is considered a highly effective medication for pre ejaculation. Its effects are put into place at least 3 hours after it is taken. Those effects last depending on a number of factors but for men without underlying conditions, 12 hours is the maximum duration for erection.

As another reminder, visit your physician before you start taking Priligy. Be ready with a list of current medications you regularly take, if this is your first time experiencing pre ejaculation or if happens frequently, and if you’ve taken other unprescribed medicines in an attempt to treat the same dysfunction.