Diabetic Socks


Foot care is very necessary for people who are suffering from diabetes. It is important for diabetes management as it potentially damages not only the nerves, but also the circulatory system of our bodies. Diabetes damages the nerves which further result in loss of sensations in the feet, especially the soles which can increase the risk of injury. The loss in sensation sometimes makes people unaware of an injury, thus resulting in a delay in treatment. One should not wear the same socks regularly since it is not at all hygienic. Your feet can become smelly and rough. Nylon made diabetic socks are comfortable as well as cozy. It is advised not to wear tight socks since it obstructs the flow of blood in our body.

These socks are available with numerous variations. There is no such big difference between men’s diabetic socks and women’s diabetic socks. Things to consider before buying a diabetic shock:

  1. Comfort: The socks, which you purchase must be comfortable as well as cozy. You need to wear them for the whole day. Therefore, you should be extremely careful before purchasing one.
  2. Padding: The socks must have extra padding or cushion since it protects the foot from various wounds and injuries.
  3. Quality: It is very easy to differentiate between normal and diabetic socks. The quality plays an inherent role in determining comfortability. The diabetic socks are generally made from fabrics that keep the feet warm.
  4. Water Absorbing Capacity: At times, our socks get wet due to rain or excessive sweat. Therefore, it is necessary to purchase a diabetic sock with lesser water absorbing capacity.

Diabetic Socks are designed to do the following:

  1. Keeps the feet dry
  2. Enhances blood circulation
  3. Enhances sensations
  4. Decreases the risk of injury

A diabetic sock video is used to spread the advantages of wearing a diabetic sock.

Why do you need a diabetic sock?

There are millions of people suffering from diabetes worldwide but not all need a diabetic sock. Patients who have foot problems such as loss in sensation,  swellings, etc., need to wear this sock. The socks made for diabetics must be worn in case of long traveling plans because sitting for long durations may increase the risk of swelling and can even result in blood clots. However, you can even wear them normally.

People who must wear diabetic socks are:

  1. People who have experienced frequent or irregular changes in foot color, changes in foot temperature, frequent irritations, damage to nerves, blisters, or any fungal infections.
  2. People who have sweaty feet.
  3. People who have an increased risk of peripheral arterial disease.

A pair of diabetic socks is made from the following features:

  • Made from moisture-wicking material: The sweat produced by the feet can be easily evaporated if winking socks are worn. This decreases the risk of any kind of infection, blisters, and also prevents odor. Acrylic fibers do a better job than cotton winking moisture.
  • Made without seams: The presence of seams may increase friction which can lead to blisters and ulcers. Instead of seams, they have white soles that do not allow drainage of an unnoticed wound.
  • Made from fine-textured fabrics: Bamboo and wool consist of natural anti-microbial properties, thus diabetic socks are made with their soft yarns.
  • Absence of elastic binding: these socks are designed in such a way which would not require elastic bindings that can restrict blood flow.


Washing the socks from normal detergents and chlorine bleach can degrade the quality of the socks. The threads might come out which makes the socks look clumsy. Therefore, it is mandatory to use fabric-based detergent while cleaning. Various companies advertise through diabetic sock video. They tell us about the know-how of socks made for diabetics.